Dis is a very personal post and i wanted to share this thing... So I thought of writing dis post... Since I live alone in a rented house I am the one who has to manage everything for myself..... Let me tell u dat i have a bee hive in my house... It was sunday afternoon and after lunch i was laying down on the bed and i didnt dad any idea when i got asleep.... but soon i felt something pinched my left boob and i woke up like anything... I saw inside by clothes and saw it was a bee or smthing lyk dat there... i removed it I dont know how bt after that i had got rashes on my bode, my stomach was paining badly n i didnt know what to do..Since it was sunday so clinics were not open... I den thought to call ambulance and i did so.... There was a male doctor in it and i got into the ambulance and told him whatever happened... I was laying down in a stretcher dat tym when i was admitted in the hospital.. I was directly taken to the doctor's room and there were no nurses free.. evry1 had sm or the other duty.... then a male nurse entered the room and said that they had to do smthn fast... the doctor gave me anesthisia may be or a pain killer so then i started losing my consciousness. I dont remember what happened after that but when i gained my consciousness i saw myself lying in a private ward completely nude... only a green cloth sheet was there over me and then i was so confused ly wat has hapnd.. soon the doctor came and asked about my pain and i said it resided... then he jus took off that green cloth from me and i was completed nude in from of him... Then he examined my left boob and said now the poison has been removed from my body. As u people know i am a fat girl and after saying that he saw my whole body again and said me that he saw it when i was unconscious and said that i didnt had to feel shy infront of him... But still I was nude in front of him fr long tym....
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That must have sucked. Not to be rude but u can't spell for your life.