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******** At Work

On my 30th birthday I was working in an office in San Francisco. There were about 30 people in the office, around 25 were female. At least half of them were very beautiful and dressed in sexy office fashion. In those days, everyone dressed up for work and most women wore skirts or dresses. The age range of the women was about 18 to 55. I used to get turned on looking at them in their short skirts and sexy blouses. I loved looking at them sitting at their desks as the skirts would rise when they sat down. Some days I had a hard time not being erect. I always had a fantasy about being nude in front of women who were completely dressed. I don't know why, maybe my strict Catholic upbringing. But it seemed so naughty, and certainly not acceptable to the church. Well any way, I was very popular with the girls in the office as I am a good guy, outgoing and funny. I was married at the time, so most of the women felt safe around me. A few of the other guys did not like this and were maybe a little jealous. Anyway, after lunch break in the coffee room, one of the guys said it was my birthday, and some of the girls brought a cake. There was a lot of teasing about being spanked and one thing led to another. At one point one of the guys who was not too fond of me said, "Hey, maybe we should ***** Tom and see him in his birthday suit on his birthday." All the women let out a big cheer. I just laughed and thought that was the end of that. I started to move out of the coffee room when one of the guys grabbed me and held my arms. All of a sudden, 2 other guys started to unbutton my shirt. I still thought it wouldn't go any further, but after my shirt came off, they pulled my tee shirt underneath off! I started to struggle, all I had left was my shoes, soc's, pants and under ware. Next thing I knew my shoes and soc's were being pulled off. I was struggling, but to no avail. The girls were all chanting, "***** him, ***** him". I was both terrified and strangely excited. I didn't know where it would end, but I thought for sure they would stop and think they had their fun. Next thing I knew my pants were coming off! I would pull them up, but in another second they would go down. I'll never forget the feeling as they were pulled completely off of me. Now only my under ware stood between me being naked in front of 25 women. I was sure they would stop there and for a minute they did. There I was only in my under ware. Feeling very embarrassed, but thinking it was over. Photos were going off all over the place. I think the guys were going to stop, but the girls started up again, "***** him, ***** him". Next thing I know they are grabbing my under ware and starting to pull them down. I am now completely panicked. If I had a fantasy that was one thing, but this was reality. I knew these women well for a few years, if they ******** me naked, how could I ever go in there again. One of the women who worked there was my sister in law, and the 18 year old was my niece! Well any way, there was quite a struggle for my under ware, but I couldn't fight off 4 guys, so they started to go. My butt came out first and then the rest! They pulled them off and there I was naked! You should have heard the screams and noise from the women. I saw 25 women looking right at my ****, including my sister in law and my niece! One of the guys then took my clothes out to the parking lot and put them in his car! I don't know how many photos were taken, by this time I was red in the face, but a little turned on. That was good because at least my c**** was not too small. I didn't get my clothes back till 5pm, so I was naked at the office for 4 hours! Everyone went back to work and so did I, but I was naked! All afternoon when women came up to me I would see them look right at my ****! It turned out to be one of the most exciting days of my life!  In the days that followed, many of the women had nude pictures of me at work in their desks or on there desks. My niece said she put one on her wall in her bedroom and showed all her friends when they came over. Every time I saw my sister in law, I went red in the face. I'll never know how many women saw the photos of me naked.

Exhibmax Exhibmax 61-65, M 7 Responses Apr 9, 2011

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The excitement! I would have been naked everyday since if not seen by the public just other employees.

i would love to get completely naked infront of girls. especially those i work with.

I too got ******** naked at work in front of the entire office, I was the new guy and they wanted to make me the "office *****", it was really embarrassing and humiliating at the time, but it made me more confident in myself afterwards. And in my case like this story the women did want me naked.

I would love to hear your story. Some people don't believe this story but, it's true. When you get women in a group, they get very aggressive about stripping a guy. I think they feel comfort about doing it in a group. They might not enjoy it one on one but in a group, they are really into it.

Definitely would be a dream come true for me!!

Sounds like bullshit to me! From<br />
My experience women aren't really bothered about seeing men naked, it's more us fantasising !! Which I think this story really is- a fantasy !!

A great memory to cherish all your life, and thanks for setting it free in the wild! I can imagine your fear and fun mixed.

Honestly, I don't know if that is horrible, or AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I like to be naked in front of other people, and to me there would be nothing better than someone forcing my clothes off... I want them off anyway, and having someone remove them would give me a great excuse to be naked... But to be forced into it sounds really scarry :( I hope you found some kind of enjoyment, and maybe even excitement from your experience, but mostly thanks for sharing it with us. I don't know how I would've felt in that situation...

It was a little scary, but one of the greatest times of my life. I loved being naked in front of all those women. I loved seeing there eyes go to my ****. It was a real turn on, I still think about it and get excited.