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Closer Examination During Dermatology Appointment

I had my annual dermatology exam two months ago and following the exam where the female RN examines my entire naked body, I asked her what was the best way to remove a skin tag. I guess it's fairly common for men to develop them on their testicles and I had one that was very small that would bleed when I did a touch up shave between waxings. She said, "let me take a closer look, where is it?" I faked embarrassment and said, "in a private place." "No problem let's take a better look" she said. After a quick look and touch she suggested she could remove it for a price but recommended I could simply do it at home with clean nail trimmers. I thanked her and she left for me to redress. I look forward to that dermatology appt every year now.
swl2jo swl2jo 46-50, M 1 Response Jan 12, 2012

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Well I had my latest appointment with my Dermatologist today. I was expecting just a brief exam to confirm the meds were working for dermatitis. BUT NO we had to undress completely, While I was sitting there waiting on her to come in, the lights went out. There I sat totally in my all together with just a paper sheet covering my mid section, she appoligized for the power problem and ask if i wanted to go to another room where they had a window for light, then she saw I was not dressed and changed her mind. we sat there until the lights come back on. So i got a hurried exam before the lights went off again. Try and get dressed in a black hole. no light at all. she rescheduled me to come back in 3 weeks to get a better look at the problem. As for looking forward to the exam, to me it is just another doctor. but i must say that I prefer her to the male dermatologist that i had before she is much more through than he ever was.