My Raincoat Fetish

It started when i was13 when i was staying with my aunty who was  a big
women.Isaw her wearing her clear plastic rancoat . I turned me on i had to
try it on. I waited until she was asleep .Then i ******** naked walked into the 
bathroom where i found it hanging on the door on the inside.Thr bathroom
was dark and there was also a dirty silky nylon shower curtain hanging in the
bath in whitch turnrd me on also.I pulled on her clear plastic raincoat my penis
started to harden as i did up all the buttons down the front. MY **** WAS
into the bath behind the dirty silky nylon shower curtain.I was sniffing  the curtain
as i wanked myself  through the clear plastic.The rusteling sound of the plastic
turned me on.Then the bathroom light went on AUNTY saw me through the
shower curtain wanking and sniffing the shower curtain.she said I HAD A FEELING
ON MATCHING RAINCOAT.She noticed that  my **** was very hard.seeing her naked in the  raincoat ,LET
As aunty was fingering through the clear plastic i started to spray gallons of hot sticky ***  into the clear plastic raincoat
making it very slippery against my ****
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I love ladies clear plastic raincoats and capes too.. make me really horny..

When I went to live my grandparents and aunt in scotland, I had seen plastic macs on men and boys and woman, but I had never owned or had one, my aunt took me shopping and bought me a girls bright blue pvc mac, with a hood on it, plus she bought me a pair of blue pvc over trousers and a pair of wellies, she said you are ready now for the scottish weather my lad, that night I got ready for bed and put on my terry nappy and rubber pants for my bed wetting, and got into bed, later that night I went into the large cupboard and took the pvc mac down from its hanger, I also took the trousers and went back into my bedroom, I took off the rubbers and the nappy and put on the bright blue pvc mac and did up the snap button, I also pulled the hood over my head and did up the nylon pull string which pulled the lovely blue pvc over my face, I got into the trousers and walked over to a large mirror on the bathroom wall, I could feel my penis getting stiff, I had wanked myself before, but ***** didnt come out it was more like water that came out, I lay on the bed, and let the soft pvc fill every crack and crevis, it was getting very warm inside the mac, I noticed that the smell of new pvc was mixing with my sweat, I touched my erect penis through the soft pvc trousers, and before long I was rubbing myself to a climax, but I stopped just before I ***, I thought somebody had come into my bedroom, then somebody started to give me a fast rub through the pvc trousers, she said breath in the aroma of the pvc, it was my auntie, she was also wearing a pvc mac over her nightdress, I exploded into the trousers and lay ther panting, she continued to massage my penis, until it become erect again, she said do you want to sleep with me tonight, I said yes nd went with her to her room, she took off my trousers, and put on me a pair of white see through soft vinyl pants, she said thats better now you can see yourself *******, we aly back and she took mny hand and put it on her large breast, she said will you suck me through the pvc mac, I did the feel of her soft breasts and the smell of the pvc was over powering, she was amssaging my penis again, she said the more you do this the bigger it will get, so when you are older woman will love you for it, I *** again and went to sleep, in the morning I woke up with a very wet pair of vinyl pants, and they had leaked out onto the bottom sheet, my aun t said good job I put a bed pad under you last night, we repeated that night several times, but only when my grandparents had gone away for the weekend or on holiday.
When I was twelve I met another boy from the next village, and he invited me to go to the local boy scouts meeting, in his village that evening, so I walked the five miles into his village, and had agood time with him and the other boys, I started to walk back towards my farm where I was living it was about 5 miles away on the Culloden Moors, half way along the lonely road it started to rain quite hard so I put on my pvc mac and over trousers, which my aunt had made me take with me,
I continued along the road, when a car stopped it was the scout master, he said do you want a lift miss, I said its me Basil he said he thought I was a woman in that plastic mac, I said it keeps out the rain, I got in and he drove off, he felt the thin pvc material and said I bet, that feels good naked, have you tried it, I said yes and without thinking said with my aunt last night, he smiled and said I havent heard that, and smiled, he dropped me off and said, come over to our house one night and meet my Jamie, he is your age, so the next night I drop over to see Jamie, he opened the door and smiled, he said my dad thought you was a girl last night, I said its because I wear this lovely blue mac, he said it looks great, try it on for me, so I did he did up the hood, and said you look really sweat in that mac, I said look at these and put on the trousers, his eyes nearly poppdd out and said I will get my dad to buy me a mac just like yours he felt the trousers and said they are lovely and soft, I took off the mac and trousers, I went into his room, he got out a packet of condoms, and said do you wear these, I said what for I dont have sex with anybody and my ***** is like water when I ***, he said did your aunt have sex with you I said no she didnt, she just gave me w##k through the pvc mac a couple of times, he said I would love to have seen that, he said why do you wear rubber pants and a nappy every night, I said how do you know he said my aunt is the district nurse, and she was ordering your supplies for next month, I didnt answer he said shall we have a w##k lets lay on the bed, I was very nervous, bt went along with it, I got undressed and lay on the bed, he said can you put your mac on please, so I did he did up the hood again and lay me on the bed he pulled down the soft pvc so that it covered my entire body, he lay next to me, and put my hand on his stiff penis, he turned me over and pushed the pvc between my backside and pushed his stiff penis inside the crack, he put his hand around the front of the mac, and gave me a rub at the same time, I didnt notice that he had lifted up the pvc and suddenly entered me, it was a complete shock at first, then when I relaxed it felt good,he pushed in harder until I could feel his testicled banging against my backside, he gave one large push and moaned out loud, and laid there on top of me, he came out and said, will you be my girlfriend, and we can be in love, I said I am a boy not a girl, he said when you are queer, you be what you want to be, we kissed it seemed so natural, we did fall in love if you can call it that at the age of eleven year sold, my aunt bought me several other pvc macs and so began a life times love of all things PVC/RUBBER.