Lost Bet

I made a bet with my boyfriend, whoever lost had streak for at least half an hour in the shoppes( a shopping place that lots of teens go to) To win the bet we had to print 3 3x5' poster of the other person naked 1) sucking The other persons down there 2)mastrubuting and 3) in a sexy pose.

Apperently I'm get horny easily cause he got all three in Thefirstday and got them printed the next. So ya, I lost of course he picked Friday night, the buissiest of all. I knew hewould. What I didn't know is that he put a flyer with me in my sexy pose sayingi would be streaking at 10 in everyones locker. So the entire school was there plus total strangers. Ugh. Well I got in the car and he said to give him all my clothes . " but we aren't there" well unless you want your pictures on the Internet do it. Fine. I handed over everything so the car ride was awkward.

We got there and I got out and hid behing a tree. It was 958. 2 minuets untill I die.
I started to walkaround. Naked in front of EVRYONE. Oh god everyone had camerass. And my boyfriend had a video camera. God. I stardedto shop I Evan went to the fountains the shoot out from the florr, might as well give em a show. Then Ithappened , I was starting to mastabute, and I climaxed in front of everyone. It had been 15 minuests.good. Hmmmmmm. I did some thing. I got horny with the football players , then asked them todo something. Thanks. They went to my boyfriend and ******** him and I did it, right there with him. It had been a half an hour . Finnally. I got up and ran to the car . But it was gone. And so were my clothes. I ahd to walk 5 miles home, with the school following me taking pictures and recording me naked on the buissest streetin town. Itwas acctually fun. Then I got home and my friends came over , I was stillnaked , they had a bout 300 pictures and video of everything. They made do tons of stuff as black mail. Including a mother half mile streak.
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loved this story .. please add me to your friends

email me at k.c.s0723@gmail.com to see one of the pics. thats all i aill show you

I would love to see the pics.<br />
You done it again?

im on my dsi reading this i couldnt do it no nude for me