Steps Of Clothing

this happened when i was a junior in hs. i was dared to go to the shoppes ,fully clothed.everytime i peed(in my pants btw;i have a small bladder) i would go one level downin clothing

1) Fully Clothed
3)micro bikini
4)very short towel

So i went fully clothed, on a friday (the bussiest day) they had me drink like 3 water bottles before i went so by the time i got there i really had to pee. oh i had t stay there from 10am to midnight. so like 45 minuets after we got there i had to pee reall bad and couldnt help it, so besides the embarassment of peeing my pant in front of tons of people, i also had to take off my shirt and skirt in front of everyone watching.

So then (12) we got lunch, and of course with my luck, my waiter is my crush. ugh. well he asked why i was like that ad my friend(btw there were 2 boys and 1 girl discluding me there) explained everything, so of course he got of work early and hung out with us :3. so like 2 hours later (its around 245now) i have to go badly. so of course i pee right there in front of friends, crush, and strangers.  so i was forced to go into a store and change into a microbikini. (if you dont know what it is, google image it) in the middle of my changing they kick my door which slams open s im in the nude, and they told me to leave it. so then im in a micro bikini walking around the shoppes. by the time i had to pee really bad again its like dinner time (630) an of course i pee again, so i have to changein to a short toxel that either covers my **** or thebottem halfof my @ss. i go to go to the nearest bathroom and the say no so i change in towel. so its like 7andscince i havent had anything to drink lately i dont have to pee at all, so i know i will make it without being totally nude. but then they grab the towel and yank it off and put it in te locked turnk. i still have 5 hours to go and i have to go around nude. the rest is pretty boring. untill 10.  i have to pee now(surprising myself) and they say scince im totally nude already, for everytime i pee i have to walk 1 mile home (total 5 mile walk home) i peed at 10 and 1145. so i had to walk two miles through the bussiest street in town. tons of people saw me during those two miles. and of course they werent at the spot we were suppused to meet so i had to wal home, but when i got home i went to sleep(still nude) i got up and took a shower and went to gget ready for school, but ALL my clothes were gone, accept the micro bikini, and i couldnt skip , my dad would kill me, so i had to go to scool in it. finally after school one of my friends gave me a super short dress and nothing else, no bra or panties, and i walked home in that
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4 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I wish i had friends like yours this sounds like soo much fun. X

sounds like you live a very exciting naked life .... add me to friends please

this sounds so fun.

sorry it wasnt a friday it was a thursday