Naked In The Front Yard

A couple years ago in the summer, I was visiting my sister and her husband for a month. Her husband was at work, and I'd just gotten out of the shower but there were no towels in the bathroom.

Walking naked down the hallway, I called out to my sister about a towel.

"I'm out here!" she yelled back through the front screen door. Standing by the door, I asked her where I could find a towel. She told me they were all in the laundry but she had one out there I could use.

When I asked her for it, she laughed and told me I had to come get it. I protested saying I was naked...but she said if I wanted the towel, I had to come outside to get it.

My sister and I have seen each other naked all of our lives, so that's not a big deal. But I'd for sure never been outside naked in the front yard before.

Pushing the screen door open, I walked outside, totally naked in broad daylight...and went right up to my sister by the corner of the house.

"Holy crap!" she said, surprised, "I didn't really expect you to do it!" She then told me that she was just teasing and would have brought me a towel.

Meanwhile I was completely nude in the front yard while cars passed on the street.

It was so exciting...I couldn't help myself as I started to get hard.

My sister shrieked and threw the towel at me, telling me to get back inside before I got arrested.

I turned and walked back without wrapping the towel around me while she called me a weirdo.

It was actually a hot experience.

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1 Response Dec 26, 2012

I sometimes wonder why people are so afraid of seeing a human being. Its it because they are afraid that they might want to run naked themselves if the lid is removed?