Caught Naked

It's already too cold most days to enjoy being naked outside, but I can't resist new opportunities. So when I spotted a warehouse close by with a dense row of large bushes down the side facing the street.-- a good place to hide things like clothing -- I started planning.

The very next day I got myself up and out the door early enough that I got to the warehouse just a bit before sunrise. I checked out the area, listened a moment for any odd sounds, then ducked into the bushes. Wasting no time, I pulled off my clothes and was back on the side walk in seconds stark naked, in plain sight of a fast moving car about 500 feet down the street. I jumped back into the bushes and watched the car pass with no sign I'd been seen by it's driver.

Back on the sidewalk again, all clear this time, I made my way down the front of the warehouse towards a large group of buildings down the block. With the cool air brushing over my crotch and butt, my **** plumped and hung long and my body began tingling from the rush I get being naked in public.

In the distance, a quick glimpse of a car on a cross street, then another much closer... A bit too much traffic to feel safe even at that early hour. I turned onto a side street where the huge mirror-like windows of an office let me watch myself walking nude, and the narrow road felt much safer. Passing body shops, electricians, and paint shops - all closed of course - I enjoyed a leisurely half hour stroll stark naked in public.

The sky began brightening. Being far from my clothing I had to turn back now or risk being out on the sidewalk bare assed in daylight. The shops I had passed in the darkness were still locked-up tight. But I could hear cars now on distant streets, and I could see well enough that an unlocked gate by the building with the large mirror-like windows caught my attention.

Was the gate locked when I passed by before? I had no idea. I picked up my pace and rushed past. Turning the corner, the bushes where my clothes were hid now insight, I looked back at the gate, where a young man leaned over, grinning ear to ear, watching. The fear that flashed through me eased off as he waved and gave me a thumbs-up. Both shaken and thrilled at being caught naked, I stopped and turned so he got a frontal view, waved back, and then dashed out of sight, around the corner and back to bushes, dressed, and back home.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

<p>Great adventure. Its also good being seen without getting hurt. The more people see other people just going about naked the more common and acceptable it will become. The man who saw you is likely to be out naked himself next month. </P>