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"Public" may be too strong a word, though the only thing keeping me from outright walking the streets naked are the laws. When I go to a party at a friend's house, I'll show up naked, regardless of how many people I don't know are there.

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Although it is illegal to walk the streets naked, it is not illegal to go topless in Austin. You might give that a try sometime.


Thatza big turn on how duz it feel

i am now imagining you walking into the house party naked and i like what i "see",

Doesn't this feel good too do? I grab my purse and walk out completly naked for my friend's party too. One time, a couple of women got on my case, then my friend got naked and said if they didn't like it, they can leave. She told me that she nevered saw me clothed before and she never wants too. So if she invites me over, she expects meto me totally nude. (Her and her husband came over and i didn't know. He is my husband's best friend and my husband wanted me to meet them for the first time. I'd walked out in the living room and saw them. They said it was ok because my husband said that I never wore clothes at home. I'd even went to their house nude.)

My sentiment exactly. I have no problem being nude in front of others but will only do so in a setting where it is legally safe to do so.

Way to go girl!

i would just love to do that.

why i never met a girl like you? totally free

Come on over to my place. We'll make it a party!

i would love to attend those parties

I'd love to hear some of the stories of these parties you have gone to. Where there any people at them who were shocked by you being naked there?

Well, I'm throwing this party.... he he

I will surely love to be present in some of the patries you attend.It will be a real pleasure.

Same here! The only thing stopping me are the laws!

The laws are all that is stopping me from being nude everywhere that I can!