First Time

I remember my first time of walking naked in the rain. I was hiking in the woods several years ago and it was a rainy day (I like being in the woods when its raining, everything looks and smells so much different, its like a whole different world). I was clothed of course because I was just starting to explore nudism at the time, and I had on a rubber-lined poncho. The sensuality of the environment really started to get to me and I became curious. I removed my clothes and put the poncho back on. so there I was wearing only a rain poncho and shoes. I could feel a huge difference in temperature and air quality underneath the poncho as I walked along, and every so often a breeze would blow sending a chilled blast of air up onto my body. After a little while when I realized that nobody else was out there (I was probably the only "idiot" who would be out there in the rain to begin with), I got brave and removed the poncho and hung it on a tree branch. From that moment on I have been hooked on being naked in the is a feeling not quite like any other. To top off the experience, there was a semi-dense fog developing which gave it an almost "other worldly" effect (kind of like being in a dream). I walked back along the trail I was following, collected my ponch and clothes along the way, and went back to my car still naked (I was going to squeeze every moment I could out of the experience. When I got to my car, I head a noise down the gravel road about 25 yards. I looked expecting to see that I had been busted, but instead saw a deer come out of the brush on the right. I froze not wanting to startle it. She saw me (it was a doe), and she too froze. She looked at me and I looked at her, eyes staring directly into each other's. I expected her to bolt, but to my amazement she just lowered her head and continued whatever she was doing. She would pause and look up at me from time to time, but I quickly realized she wasnt afraid of me. I slowly took a few steps toward her....again she paused but then went on about her business. A few more steps....pause....a few more....pause....a few more. I was soon within about 20 to 25 feet of her. She paused and looked at me again. There she was and there I was, both naked as the day we entered this world.We looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity, I even spoke to her and she never flinched a muscle. After about 3-5 minutes, she casually weht back to her buisness and made her way back into the woods on the left side of the road. I watched her until she disappeared from view. I went back to my car, got dressed again and proceeded to head for home. That was the most exhilerating experience I  ever was almost spiritual....and I have never had another one like it since. I often wonder if my being naked had anything to do with it, that if I had been dressed she would have seen me as just another human (and a threat), but instead saw me as a natural creature like herself and therefore wasnt intimidated or scared?  That was my first experience with being naked in the rain, and I have been out there a few more times since. It is just so much more comfortable getting soaking wet without clothes on, you hardly even notice it. I highly recommend that people try it at least once in their lives (even if they dont continue).

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Feeling the rain, sun, wind, air on your body in places that are usually covered by clothes, really is a marvellous feeling. It's addictive.

I love to be totally naked in a heavy rain storm, it is so invigerating as the raindrops pound my body and I often lay out on a patch of smooth turf as it runs over my wholey naked skin.

I too have encountered deer while I was naked in the woods. They didn't run away from me either.

I've told this story a few times on here, but I had a similar experience to yours. No deer, sadly, but I hiked for probably 30 minutes at least completely nude, except for my boots and a hat (I had my car keys under it so I wouldn't have to carry them). I'd love to go again. When it's warm out, I'll sometimes go out naked in my backyard, but I live in a pretty busy neighborhood, so I have to be careful. I don't mind being seen, but public indecency laws here are incredibly strict.

Many years ago I came home from a social function in the summer and it was very warm, but raining. I walked into my back garden and removed all my clothes and lay on my recliner and let the warm rain run over my naked body, it was fabulous and I will never forget it, I stayed out there for ages. Not as adventurous as your story but enjoyable all the same.

I still enjoy rain and take off all clothes. I am a mother of two kids but never hesitated to expose my nude self. when it rains in summer, or mild season. I go to backyard, walk and lye there nude. Rain drops take me to paradise. I usually stretch my legs so that rain drop fall on my p***y. It is always erotic and marvelous. Silkybody.

I have done the same in my back yard, I like the rain falling on my p***s

Being naked.....fully exposed if you will......Lowers barriers and concerns. Even for the wild life. Which, at that moment, you had become part of! A very special moment indeed!

I too love putting on a long, oversized PVC/ nylon rain poncho and walking in the woods. I purposely do it when I can. The feeling of wearing a long rain cape with the rain and wind,...great feeling. I have been naked under a rain pocho before, but never have taken it off. Good for you to enjoy what you like. Excellent story about the deer.

This incident happened toward the end of my "hike" in the rain. I had already been out there for a couple of hours. I