Being Naked In The Snow Is Wonderful!

Being naked as much as possible, being so in the snow is really just an extension of what I love to feel with my whole body. I have never seen the need to be covered up — I find clothes restricting, unhealthy and uncomfortable.
So when it snowed a lot recently I walked out into the back garden, completely naked as I often do, and threw myself into the snow, rolling around and getting completely covered. I even ventured into my snow-covered mud patch and had a wallow until I became filthy all over. It was truly invigorating and a wonderful feeling.
I have been having snow baths for years now. So far nothing has dropped off and I haven't suffered hypothermia. I know when to stop and go inside to have a hot, soapy shower.
You'll have to excuse me — it's turned 9pm and time for my evening roll in the snow... totally naked!
shirtless45 shirtless45
66-70, M
Jan 22, 2013