Naked Boyhood Buddies

I have loved being naked with others ever since my boyhood days, when my best friend and I spent many hours together naked. It started as a dare, when I was at his house and his parents weren't home. We were 12 or 13 at the time. We first took off our clothes in the safety of his bedroom, but then we got more bold and began walking around his house together naked. The feeling was exhilarating! Here we were standing in the living room where his family regularly entertained guests, and we were buck naked. On to the kitchen, various family members' bedrooms, etc. Getting bolder, I followed his lead and we went out the front door into the warm sunlight of his front yard. They lived on a hill, and even though the road we lived on (he lived across the street from me) had plenty of traffic, we were somewhat protected from view by being up on the hill. Still, the fact that other people were just 30 yards away minding their daily business while these two naked teenaged boys looked over them was a tremendous turn-on. The added risk of his mother or father suddenly swinging into and up the driveway made it even more exciting. This was but the first of many times of shared nakedness he and I enjoyed together throughout our high school days. Now grown men, we still see each other regularly and laugh about the crazy (fun) stuff we did together as boys.

Let me know if you'd like to hear more of our stories...
raymondbill raymondbill
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I enjoy reading these stories because I did the same things. It was exciting for me, too. Please share more.

I love being naked. I also let people see me naked and i act like io dont know they can see me. i will leave the curtain open in the shower, stand back from the urinal, walk in front of my picture window buck naked. i enjoy it alot and it has become a fantasy overtime. does anyone else do any of these things?

I really liked your story and it would have been so much fun to have a friend like that whe I was growing up. I love to be nude and try to spend most my days naked inside and out.