Been Nude As Long As I Can Remember

I have been nude as long as I can remember, I think I was about 8 years old when I first started being nude anytime I was in my room, and slept nude every night. I love to be nude in front of other people, and especially outside. I have been to a couple nudist club meetings, and I was at a nude beach in Conneticut once that was the best. I am nude every second I can of everyday. I go outside sometime at night nude whenever I can, which is difficult because I live in a village and the houses are close together and the neighbors love to find a reason to call the cops every time someone sneezes wrong. I also own property out in the country where I can often go nude outside, I love it there but can only get out to the property once or twice a month in the summer. There is nothing better than being nude, and I think it should be legal to be nude everywhere in the world.
51-55, M
May 11, 2012