Naked Me


I love being naked all the time. Of course I live in a suburb that has nudity laws, but I am naked in front of my friends all the time.

My friends accept the fact, that that's part of me , and allow me to take of my clothes when I go to their house. Of course I am not naked around any ones children, and wear clothes to work. But it seems to me

that if everyone was naked the world would be a better place indeed.

I thank GOD I live in a country that allows people to be free. You can

join a club that allows you to be naked if you want. Or go to naked beaches. There is a lake in Austin Texas that has a nude area called Hippie Hollow that is just great.

                                     GOD BLESS AMERICA



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2 Responses Jan 4, 2010

Here in Korea, there's a public bathhouse on every corner. Some are big and some are small. Complete nudity (gender segregated) is the norm. Men walk around completely nude. No towel. No washcloth "for modesty's sake." You can hop from hot tub to hot tub to steam room to sauna, naked the whole time! There are the massage therapists. It's accepted in the wet areas for them to be nude as well, tho many wear shorts or underwear. They're not at all shy about the touching either. It's non-sexual of course, but occasionally brushing past the "boys" is no biggie to anyone. If you're tired, you can take a rest in the sleeping room. It's a separate room where you can lay on the floor (or a thin mat on the floor). Some wear PJs supplied by the bathhouse but many (myself included) prefer to hang out there completely nude. Alternately, there's usually a small resting area in the main wet area where you can lay down as nude as you please.

There's a larger coed area normally too, but you have to wear the provided PJs there.

It does not violate children to be nude in front of them. It does them no harm & kids are natural nudists.<br />
Check out: & you'll see what I mean!!