A Soul Called Maid

In a hot summer morning,it was a sunday,my family left me at home as the next day i had to be in my office and there was no opportunity for me to take leave,for visiting a temple which was 800 kms away from my place.It would take 3 days to complete their pilgrimage.They made some food items for me to heat and eat.If i need anything more i had to do them by myself and have.
I woke up at the calling bell's cry.my servant maid .. after opening the door i put on the TV and watch some programs. 
I started making coffee for me as well as my maid.Suddenly she came after finishing her job and asked me to move away and started making coffee.
Then we both drank the coffee.Then i took my bath came to the kitchen after dressing.She had already kept my tiffin at the dining table.I thanked her and finished my breakfast.I asked her also to have breakfast and she said already.
This time my heart changed its position and see her as a beautiful human being with kindness and sweetness. Yes,she was.She was a stout women in the age group of 51 to 55 when i was 48.but her had some attraction after serving with foods on time.
Slowly I was trying to talk to her something but mind could not finish searching the topic even after 15minutes.
She asked me when would my family be coming back. I said after 2days.What was the arrangement they had made for my food till then? she asked me.You are there I replied.
My husband would throw me out if i was late?She told me with a smile.
when should you go home? i asked her.I can be hear for another 1 hour! She said
My mind gave me one point out of its long search.
She was telling my wife the day before that her left was paining as she sprained when she came down from the staircase.It reminded me.i thanked my mind and started asking about the pain.I asked her to show where it was.She said in her left thigh.I repeated "show me where".She yelled "i am telling at my thigh"
"I have an ayurvedic oil,it will relieve you from your pain immediately" I explained her with some curiosity in my mind.
She said "ok give me".I took that oil and gave it to her.She saw the bottle took it and walked towards the bath room.I called her, at once,and told It should not be applied just like that.
She stopped and said "then"
"It has to be applied and massaged thoroughly"
She said "ok" and went inside the bath room.i reached there before she locked the door."Hey! You can not massage yourself somebody should do it" I told her very boldly.
I asked her to come out and asked her to sit down.She stunned and asked me "what?you are going to do it?.I said " yes".
"If some neighbors watch us,they will feel bad about us"She alerted me
"nothing will happen.If you fear,lock the door and come"I ordered her.
She hesitated and said"why should we invite trouble unnecessarily"
"This is not trouble,this is heeling the pain come"I said
She hesitantly went there locked the front door,come back and locked the back door also.
She stood before me and asked "what should i do?"
"Switch on the bed room lights and fan and sit down there "I showed her the place in  front of the cot
She sat.I went there and told her to stretch her left leg.She stretched. 
I pushed her saree upward till her knees and asked "where it pains"
She pulled her cloth a little up and showed me the place" here"
I was feeling like standing at the bank of the honey pond,when i see her soft chubby thighs.I took some oil, applied on her thigh and saw her face.
"Why are you looking at me?Please apply it quickly if somebody comes it will be a problem"She spoken to me really out of fear.
"Nobody will come"I rub the oil smoothly and told her.
"how long will it take?my back is paining to sit like this"she almost on the verge of crying.Yes,for her body sitting without leaning her back on something will definitely be paining.So i told her to lie on her back.she was lying then.
I applied the oil everywhere on her thigh and rubbed, massaged then slowly stretch my hands till the hot spot.She resisted.I went there twice again and told her "feel free!I am only applying the oil!"softly i whispered.This time my hand reached spot and came back swiftly.
Then i pushed the clothes from the other leg and massaged the two thighs one after one.
I kissed her cheek ... no reaction.then removed her blouse ..she was silently watching whatever i do.the big boobs were welcoming me to the world of fantasy.
i pressed one of her boob.. she asked me to massage the boobs hard i was doing it.she put one boob in my mouth and asked me to suck.i did so.and i was flying in heaven                                              ....to be continued

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