Byron And I

We are both passionate people. We project our persona, Byron through what he wears and me through what I don't wear.
Now, I would never describes us as a couple, we are both ship passing in the night. We hand out together, we enjoy each others company but respect our 'other lives' and different circle of friends.
Byron, is avant-garde, a true Bohémien.
He is an artist, well possible, nobody seems to know who he is or what he does exactly. He is defined by his clothes, always different, on the verge of being freakish but then he manages to pull it back into an undefinable unique style.
His circle is arty, like him, live a Bohémien life style. I love to dip into his world but sometimes things are too intense and may I say pretentious. Still in controlled doses it is a wonderful outlet.
His circle were holding a grand Mid Summer Night Ball. They had hired a large house and had invited about 50 people, all of whom had to come in costume. Byron and I were going to be Titania and Oberon, of course. Now, we imagined there would be quite few so we wanted to stand out. Byron had a spectacular costume, almost demonic. He had a head piece fashioned out of wood and a costume of green velvets gradually turning more ******* and ending in cloven hooves. His legs were those of a beast, in fine furs with green fabrics flowing as he moved.
I was Titania. My ankles were adorned with bangles with bells hanging off them. In my hair I wore a delicate crown, organic, flowing, adorned with jewels. I wore make up, quite theatrical, yet accentuating my femininity. I had two silk wings, these were held on with a thin strap going over my shoulder and between my breasts. Other than that I was entirely naked. My breasts, buttocks and mons were clearly exposed. I was clean shaven so my form was smooth.
We had great fun being transported there, the taxi driver almost fainted when we got into his cab! A beast and naked fairy. He was good and took us and helped me with my wings so they were not crushed.
We arrived at the party and all eyes were on us, our costumes had the desired effect. We worked the room, it was amazing. All the crowd were very avant-garde and complemented our costumes without any lewd reference tom my nudity. I chatted and laughed and danced until the small hours.
We crashed in the rooms. Now I would like to say I was a good girl but I am afraid I was not. I found myself in a room with three men, who well. lavished a little attention on me but I let them worship their queen.
We eventually dozed off and awoke with sun streaming in. I stumbled around the house realising that I was totally naked with no clots available to me. I had lost Byron so was a little stuck. I found myself in the kitchen where one of the female member of the crowd mas making coffee and toast. I sat with a group of people who were impressed that I had not clots to my name. One kind gentleman offered me a lift back to my house. I was very grateful and invited him to thank him properly.
In all a quite wonderful experience.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

That is fantastic. I admire your courage. I need to find a more interesting circle of friends.

Are you sure it wasn't just 'a midsummer night's dream?' ;) I could never wear a costume like that, but I loved reading about your experience and even though I don't know why, but thinking about the "bangles with bells" on your ankles made me smile :)