Maybe Its My Obsession With Being Me

I love being naked... I HAVE to wear clothes b/c I have 2 young boys at home and my job doesn't think clothing should be optional... boo them... but I try to nbe naked as much as possible... my boyfriend and I just spent the whole weekend at the river camping and yes we were naked... and we went fishing and cooked out and went hiking... all in the nude... its how things are supposed to be... at least in my world...

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that sounds really nice and free

life is too short not to do what you want now. There are tons of research reports that show kids are not harmed by seeing nudity - hell in parts of the world it is the norm for them. Just do it. You don't want to be 80 saying "I wish I had....:

there is nothing wrong with being nude in front of your kids. just teach them and let them know that nudity is not sexual. its natural. not being ashamed of their bodies. its ok. tell them if they want to walk around the house nude they can. just have fun and stay naked.

I agree with Petepants. I wish my parents had raised me as a nudist. I know plenty of adults who were raised in nudist homes, and they really appreciate it.


Thanks for the story, phidget. The only trouble I have w/nudism is that it gets more and more difficult to keep clothes on. Wouldn't it be nice if that were the only problem we faced in this world?<br />
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Question 4 U...something I've never understood is why do you have to be clothed because you have two young boys at home? What, exactly, are parents trying to protect their children from, when confronted with nudity? Bodies are bodies.

Count me and mine in...

Snaketat, excellent point about EP Nude Day. It will be a moment to unify the nudist community within EP to promote and heighten awareness of nudism and its positive effects. I, like Snaketat, urge all to participate once a date is set.

Kudos to phidget on a great story and excellent comments by spacenut and parkerharleyowner. A clothing optional world will provide everyone the benefits mentioned and the results will be a little more harmony among us all.

My feeling on nudism is that if we all shed our clothes then so many people wouldn't be so obsessed with material things (such as clothes) nor would we be so conscious of our body image and plastic surgery... hopefully I will be able to make the leap to a full nudist lifestyle once my children get older...

great story, and yes that is just how it should be. maybe it wouldn't be a perfect world but it sure would be a better one if we all could live our lives as the people that we are and not what others want us to be. injoy the live of nudisum as much as you can, i do.