Naked Moments

when i go out, i normally wear underwear with my pants. sometimes i chose not to wear it. at home i always wear my pajamas without underwear (when there is somebody else in the house). but when i am alone in the house i immediately take off all my clothing. i always love the feeling of being nude. being nude makes me feel more confident about myself.

at times i have even dared to walk out of my house, at night, fully naked n take a stroll for a short distance. i am from india, where nudity is strictly not tolerated. even then i have taken the risk of going nude in public at times. all these instances have been near the river where i go to take a dip at summers. when i go to river i take off all my clothes n go stark naked. i then enjoy the dip in river which has very soothing effect specially in area where temperature goes about 49 C. there are some people also present at the river who go there for their daily chores.these people are usually the washer men who come there to wash the laundry. its very nice experience for me to be naked amongst others when the other people are present there only in their underwears.

i always make sure that whenever i go to river side i dont wear any underwear, so that it becomes easy for me to defend myself when i am asked by other people not to be fully naked (which i have been asked to do many times).

i also like to sleep naked when i am alone. as i already said that in my country people dont support nudity, it becomes difficult for me to be nude all the times. when i am at home my parents oppose me for being nude. they have caught me sleeping naked at times and i have been scolded many times by them for that. at present i live with few of my college mates at a rented flat. if i sleep naked with them they consider me to be gay, which i am not. i am straight. but not everybody understands the comfort of being in their birth suites.

i always look forward to find people who think the same way i think. i wud love to share a room with people who like to be nude. hope that someday i get some people who dont think nudity as crime. i need people to understand the beauty of nakedness.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Your Country sounds like parts of the U.S.A people frown on nudity I myself love being naked its being free I can not stand wearing underwear I quit wearing underwear when I was 9. I sleep naked & stay that way pretty much of the day but when I do go out I wear very, very little I believe that we shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies we should embrace on being naked and free.