Vacation Play In The Villa...

I love being on vacation... Just like everyone else Im sure... Lol it puts us all in great moods and so far this trip has been no exception...
I had the day to myself yesterday... It was a nice break.. being alone... Well kind of... ;-)
I was out on the deck in our Villa... Just layed back on a hammock relaxing looking out over the water listening to the sloshing sound of the waves... It relaxes me soo much.. ummm before I realized it (even knowing me.. lol) I had slid my. Hand inside my bikini bottoms... Not from the top... I had used my left had to pull them aside as my right hand first tugged my my lips & **** ring before sliding deep inside my now dripping wet *****. Finger ******* mysellf.. I began to moan without notice... Until I opened my eyes and saw a room full of people watching from the villa next to us... At this point I didnt care.. i knew a few were aching to be where my fingers were alredy :-)
then the sliding glass door to the deck opened... Of course it was him...
"Wow... Look at you Sexy!" He has been in a good mood since we got here.
"I know my little "****" likes to show off... But you are supposed to wait for Daddy!"
With that he pulled me out of the hannock... Out of the corner of my eye... I saw him give the ppl next to us a wink.. as the deck lights came on.
"Ok baby... Pull ur bottoms around your knees ...& bend over on the chaise"
My head started to turn around...
"Dont make me get mean... Do it!"
I pull my bottoms to my knees as I bend over the chaise... My bare *** facing a room full of strangers.... That are still watching with anticipation.
"SMACK!" his hand comes down hard.. I tremble a little. Then he grabs the back of my thighs & spreads them wide as Im still bent over... Slapping between my thighs... Hitting my *** hard but his fingers tapping my ***** everytime... It gets even wetter than before! "Oh yes this is what I expected ... He slaps down hard again.. but instead of drawing his hand back, he takes hs left hand & pulls my lips open even more and slides his finger deep inside me... I moan sftly... Sliding them in and out my excitement is obvious... His fingers slick with my ***** juices... He shoves them all the way inside & this time I moan very loud as I came all over his fingers. .. he pulls my head back by my hair wwhispering... "Look how happy you have made them... They were practcallyy having an **** by now! I smiled & asked him to lie on his back now... If its a show they want... Lol... I cupped & sucked his balls a little first... Then slowly sucked his entire **** into my mouth... I grabbed his hands and put them on the backof my head..told him to **** my mouth hard... When he was ready to *** I pulled him out of my mouth so he came all over my face and his stomach... I didnt mind... I wanted everyone to watch me lick it up!
Trueredwoman Trueredwoman
36-40, F
Sep 5, 2012