I Love To Be In A Triple Play

Friday nights in the dorms was always an adventure. One night my then boyfriend John and I went out clubbin and returned back to his dorm around 3A.  Now…. anyone who has ever gone away and dormed knows exactly what I am talking about.....the combination of alcohol fueled nights and horny college students make for an interesting adventure.  We continued the party in his room as we started getting very comfortable on his bed.  John and I were known for our long “make-out” sessions and this was no exception.  Hands and lips were all over each other as we decided to take that night into the morning…..I remember being exceptionally horny that night, as alcohol always has that effect on me….I started in first kissing his neck and behind his ears as my lips slowly made their way down his body as I pulled off his shirt. By the time I reached his nipples and started to suck on them, he was already ramped up and ready……I could tell by his breathing that I was sending him over the top.  I followed the contour of his stomach with my tongue and stopped just above the top of his jeans as I started to unzipp them.  I could see his **** was hard and throbbing as he arched his hips forward to beckon for my mouth.  I barely got them off as I took the entire **** in my mouth and started to taste what I had been craving....the pre-*** was oh so sweet onmy tongue....  Before I knew it, he had me flipped over onto my back, he was now straddeled across my chest.   His **** was hard as steel and he took me by the head, pulling my head back by my hair and started to **** my mouth….I swallowed him and took him all in, balls deep and I slipped my tongue out to lick his ball sacs just to drive him insane.  His moaning made me climax and I became crazed….I flipped him off onto his back and started to ride him cowgirl.  I was so in the zone ******* with a thunderous orgasam that I didn’t notice his roommate Chuck had came in and was now standing at the head of the bed watching us.  In  a state of euphoria I motioned for him to come closer as I unzipped his pants and started to suck his ****. John was sucking on my nipples as I rode him hard and fast and I sucking off his roommate with each thrust.  After a few minutes had passed, John’s suitemate Kyle had come home and seeing what was happening ******** off him pants, climbed on the bed and started to **** my ***…..

A triple play….all in unison filling every orifice that they could ......my ***** juices dripped out all over John and smell of sex was everywhere  Here I was riding cowgirl, sucking **** and being ****** in the *** all at the same time…filling me with all their hot creamy ***. Then they did the chinese fire drill and switched postions each taking their turn ******* me over and over….Yes….dorm life was great……always making a memory…….
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ahhh, impulsive desires and total satisfaction!

I was right, lol

That sounds incredible ... gotta love a night drinking at the dorm

or a baby

Oh yes. ;-)

lady, you are the hottest thing on the Internet..sometimes I gotta NOT read your stories because my heart races to fast

sounds like a great hot storyi bet you never forget that experience must have beengreat for all of you . vinny

You've done some hot, hot stuff!