2 Way Mirror

I was working for a general contractor a while back and we had a job redoing an office in a gym. In the office there was a two way mirror that allowed the manager to watch what was going on in the gym but is just looked like a giant mirror out in the gym. Two way mirror... you understand the concept... good. Anyhow, I was working there by myself one day and this lady is working out in the gym. She is a total milf. An older lady but totally hot. She is working out really hard and grunting like she is getting ******. I mean I was blushing when she was in there the day before and I was talking with the female manager. So she comes around and lays out on the bench in front of the mirror and starts lifting. She is grunting and humping the air in skin tight clothes I can see her nipples and cameltoe perfectly. I am like a foot away from her just staring and she has no idea I am there. None what so ever. I pulled my **** out and *********** to completion right in front of what looks like a window from my side. I would have been in full view had it not been a mirror. It was so much fun watching her go at it. I came really hard.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

That is a great freaking story! Accounting doesn't get nearly that exciting! lol