Bad Behavior

So, last night the cook and I couldnt resist each i met him outside in his car for a few minutes after he punched out for the night.i thought we were just going to make out a little bit.i knew he had more in mind when while we exploring each other mouths and getting in the moment he pulled his shaft out and started ******* himself.i quickly took over, and could tell if i was going to get him off i would have to suck him.i had to be back inside soon and didnt want to get caught,i was still on the clock. so i started sucking him right there in the parking lot of work and he slide his hands down the back of my pants and started fingering my ***** from behind.i had all i could do not to squirt all over my scrubs from the excitement of what he was doing and how good his **** felt in my mouth.i was moaning,sucking and *******.he was saying things like god girl, ****, i could tell he really loved how i was sucking him.soon he exploded his load all in my mouth and explained how much of a wonderful job i did and it was the best he had in awhile.we then smooched again and i went back to work and he went home to his girlfriend.
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Wanna make out after work?

awesome story i enjoyed it immensly