Want To Play?

I'm feeling very horny and playful right now!  Would anyone like to play with me?

lunastarburst lunastarburst
22-25, F
10 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I'd love you in sexual gamescand activities!

I would, indeed!!

how horny and how playful luna?

higher or lower?

i would love to play with your toes in my mouth as my fingers caress your feet and as my hands massage your legs followed by my lips which are now above your dress and moving higher. shall i continue darling?

waiting for your reply darling

yes would like to play

i would love to ;-)

i would love to ;-)

Your bad real bad.

i am the guy who likes to make you wait for the bathroom . allways letting you think that it will be soon . but soon never comes , desperation leads to pleasure and it last as long as you can hold on . if you think at that point you are going to run to the bathroom you will find me in the doorway and not moveing .