Going For A Ride

I was 31 at the time kinda seeing a nice lady a little older then I her 37. She called me up and asked if I would come and get her she just wanted to get out and go for a ride.

So I showered got ready and picked her up  a little after 1 pm. The sun was hot and there was  smell of spring in the air.  when I arrived at her house she was sitting on the front step, wow she had on this short blue flowered sun dress that showed of her great legs. I got out of the car and walked over to her gave her a kiss and hug and told her she looked amazing.  we walked to the car and I opened the door for her , as she got in  she gave me a  smile and I noticed that she was not wearing any panties. I could feel my **** getting hard inside my shorts and all it took was a tiny look between her legs.

I asked her were too , all she said was any were just drive, so I did . not one to stay in the city I headed out of town. We headed for the lake  going east the sun  was hot  so the windows of the car were rolled down . Nothing like going for a drive with a beautiful woman hot sun in a classic old car.

We have a two lane hwy going out of the city so its nice to just put her in Cruz and take in the sounds and sites. Sandy not her real name is a site to be hold she is very sweet looking with long Blondie hair  dark green eyes, and a smile that could melt  most Menes hearts. She was sitting there in her sun dress and it was riding up her thighs a little higher then normal so I thought. I couldn't help but watch her, she was touching the inside of her naked thighs with her hands . I got instantly hard and started to shift in my seat. she looked over at me  and had this look about her that said  are you OK , do you like what you see kinda look. I smiled at her and said your driving me out of my mind, and you have givin me this ******* hard-on, and its hard to drive  when your horny and your girl is sitting next to you getting you all hot and bothered, I told her. Maybe we should go home or stop some were she said hell no and took matters into her own hands. reaching over she undid  my shorts and let my average size **** out of jail. she then leaned over and put her mouth on me and started to suck me right there in the car as we drove  down the  trans Canada out of Winnipeg.  Wow what a feeling of being naughty, cars all around us passing all I could do was enjoy and stay on the road.  as we got past hwy 12 the cars thin ed out as we drove east her mouth working on my hard ****. I tried to reach over and touch her and drive at the same time  but found that it was very difficult to do so I asked her to come a little closer to me,  as she came closer I reached under her dress and started playing with her now soaked  and shaved *****. Wow was she wet , I guess sucking me and being a little tease got her  to that state.

This touching her and her sucking me  went on for at least 20 min , then without warning she let me hard **** slip out of her mouth and   got up on the seat  to give me a view of her wet naked  ***** and to me to taste her , so I did  trying to drive and eat some ***** going 100 km a hour is no small feat,  I gave her a few licks with my tongue and she showed me that she was enjoying it by pushing her ***** in my face even more, Quickly I looked back to the road and then back to her **** dripping honey flavored juice all over my willing mouth and tongue. **** I was getting so turned on by this  and so was she . Can you imagine driving down the hwy wind blowing through the car eating *****  with a hard on and cars passing you left and your on the right. Just when you think you have done  it all so to speak your braking new ground, Sandy started to ***  and let me know by pushing her wet ***** to my face and yelling lick my **** I'm *******, so I did just that after I took a look down the road to see were we  where, every thing was cool and so I licked her **** for all I was worth in the short time that I could , maybe  5 seconds or so then back to the road, this happend 3 or four more times , again trying to drive and eat her sweet *****  was a chore, but man was I loving the feeling and she must have too for she came and  yelled out  don't stop  I'm *******,  after a few seconds of her ******* on my tongue and lips she got between me and the wheel and lowered herself on me hard ****. I said to her are u nuts  How am I going to drive straight with you on my ****. She said not a word but started to ride me like there was no tomorrow. A few of the  cars that passed us honked there horns and I dared not look at them but trying to just stay on the road and not kill anyone.

She rode me like that for about 10 Min's and my **** and balls let loose with a bang, i Came so hard I though we crashed,  she came again about a half min later.  she sat on me for another 5 Min's or so just glowing .  Believe me that was off the charts as far as having a ****** goes and the feeling of people around you as you drive down the hwy at 100 km hour.  That was the most adventurous thing I have ever done . She was a little older then me and I thank her for our time together wow

This is a true story the only thing not real was her name.

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What an amazing story. WOW!!

Liked this story.

It was and I was as careful as you can be when your hard and horny. but we lived and I told you about it.

nicely told!