Where I Want to Be

 Ive been to the pacific ocean a few times. I would love to live near a large body of water, it really is amazing, calm or all crazy could just  build a simple little home right on a warm beach, sand at my feet all the time, grow my own food, play my music, have a little lady with me, never wear clothes and watch every sunrise and sunset

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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Are you a freakin' Pisces, or what? I felt the same way my whole entire life... I remember lulling myself to sleep as a child by thinking about the sound of the surf & the vision of beautiful blue waves. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs... and it killed me!!! I always ALWAYS wanted to move to Southern California & it HAPPENED for me 4 years ago. I do totally miss my loved ones, my amazing friends & the few family members I have left, back on the frozen tundra, though. I live in a beautiful place that's like a vacation spot for most, but believe me: The most beautiful thing in the world is LOVE! And I don't mean necessarily romantic love, but the old friends who knew you forever, the family members you are close to. Even living in paradise can't replace that... trust me! That said.... when you're feeling down, it is EXCELLENT to know you can drive 10 miles & sit & stare at the most beautiful waves & scenery you could ever imagine. Very therapeutic.