What a Wounderful Feeling

There's something about the feeling I have when people needed me.It is like I have a purpose to do what ever is needed.I think a lot of that feeling comes from me bing a mother as well as being submissive  type of women. The things that I feel I am needed for a not much more the what some people would consider just to be what a lady of any home such do but to me  it is the special things that I can do. It can be as small as my daughter coming to me and asking if I would help her fix her hair and my day would Shine little brighter or the way my better half is about his clothes being done and ready for him.I like have things set to a tee around the  house and it makes me proud to know that is expected of me .

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2 Responses Jun 1, 2008

You should be proud, and they better appreciate you, I do.

That is a nice feeling :)