and I never considered myself as the nudist. Though, I felt pleasure to be naked among dressed, still the teenager. Since then I use any opportunity to be naked among the dressed people. With one condition. I have to know them very well. As a rule it is friends, relatives. If who meets to me during my walks, of course, here not to get to anywhere. I try to get on with such people.
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13 Responses Aug 25, 2014

I suppose that once you are comfortable with the others, it is easier to be nude if you have a good image of yourself.

It's great to be comfortable without clothes. I consider myself a naturist rather than a nudist. When you encounter someone on a walk - yes - it's best to get on with them.

love to go for a walk with you

Thats a cool way to go about it. Nothing wrong with wanting a little safety and security. Its nice that you have other people you don't mind being nude around.

Its safe and exciting being nude in the presence of people, whom we well known.

I don't mind being nude among some friends, but definitely not when family or colleagues are around.

I bet you are beautiful!

Awesome! Have you ever considered working as a nude model for art classes?

That's awesome!

Love this. I very comfortable naked. As long as those around me are too then there's no problem. Enjoy.

wow.. thats real hot.! and i guess, it wud b so pleasure, to walk around naked, among clothed people ! they wil for sure love.. n u wud enjoy it even more..!

I adore this and do it anytime I can x

Can I talk to you about this privately pls.