Amazing ****** In The Car

James and I were in the car at about 9pm after going for dinner and dessert. We'd had a little bit of fun earlier at his house which ended with him shooting his hot load into my mouth and me running to the bathroom in front of his family with his *** still in my mouth.

We'd parked a few houses down from where I lived. The street lights are far apart so it gets really dark when you turn the headlights off, however, cars do frequently drive past. If we're in the middle of the back seats, I think the cars driving past get a clear glimpse of us, but we are usually covered by the driver’s seat.

We moved to the back seat and after kissing him, he asked me whether I wanted him to lie down and let me feel his body. Now I can never turn down an opportunity to straddle him and touch his toned body, so obviously I agreed.

He took his t-shirt off and lay down on the backseat. There wasn’t enough room to straddle him to I sat on the side and let my hands wander his body. I started at his abs, slowly moving up and down, feeling the ripples of his abs under my hands. I traced the outline of each and every ab with my fingertips, causing him to breath in sharply.

As my movements got firmer, I kissed his abs while using my fingers to tease his nipples. My hands moved to his wonderfully toned pecs, squeezing them, kneading them like he does my ***. I bent over and kissed them, using my tongue to find his nipple and flicked it. I gently licked him as my hands caressed him, causing him to run his fingers through my hair and pull me closer to him.

As I started sucking like he does me, he started moaning in pleasure. His hands ventured to my juicy ***, gently teasing me. He wasn’t squeezing me, but using his fingers to draw on my *** over my panties. He lifted up my dress, leaving my panties exposed to the cars that would drive past. As he started squeezing harder, he started to go under my panties, and then finally pulled them off. I helped him and I was left with my dress up over my hips, *** exposed to the cars.

I began running my hands down his chest, over his abs and towards his pants, desperately struggling to undo his pants. I wasn’t planning on taking my dress off, I just wanted to feel his **** between my hands and jerk him off while touching his body. As I struggled, he stopped me.

"Lie down on your stomach baby," he asked.

I obeyed, lying on my stomach with my dress hiked up exposing my *** and ***** to him. He started touching my ***, gently rubbing it, squeezing it with one hand, and then kneading it with both hands. I was really enjoying his strong hands on my ***. Whenever he squeezes my *** it makes me moan, and this time was no different.

Hearing me moan, he started spreading my cheeks and kneading them. As he did this, I was desperate for more and I started slowly poking my *** up in the air, hoping he would start playing with my *****. I spread my legs for him getting him a better view and easier access to my aching *****..

“Oh baby, that’s such an amazing view. You don’t understand what a juicy round *** you have,” he whispered as he continued to massage my cheeks. I was getting really wet in anticipation. Feeling his hands firmly massaging me had really got me worked up and I needed more. But what really got me soaked was when he started talking dirty to me.

“Do you want me to spread your cheeks and lick your *** baby? Do you like my hands on your ***, squeezing your amazing butt babe?”

“Mhmmmmmm,” I moaned.

“Do you know the kinds of pictures people have requested? They want to see my *** in your mouth, dripping down to your beautiful round ****. People want to rub your *** all over your **** baby. They want pictures of my *** on your ***, would you like that?”

I was imagining everything he was saying. I imagined sucking his big black **** until he shot his load in my waiting mouth, or ******* him off while on my knees till he exploded over my ****.

“They want pictures of your *** cheeks spread and my face buried inside, licking you, my **** between them and my **** buried balls deep in your ***”.

“Mhmmmmm….yeahhhhh,” I moaned. We haven’t tried anal but the thought of his **** inside my *** turned me on so much.

“Do you want me to shoot my load inside your *** baby and take pictures of my *** oozing out of you?”

He was getting me so wet imagining all these scenarios. I desperately needed his **** but I knew he would make me wait.

“How about if someone else was here with us? Would you want a ***** in your face while I ****** you from behind? My hands on your waist, thrusting in and out of your wet ***** while your face was buried in another girl’s soaking hot *****?”

I’ve never been with a girl but the thought was getting me so horny. I was wet and needed James to make me ***.

“Please…touch my *****…finger me,” I begged.

“Do you wish all those people on Lush (we've got a profile on another site called lush stories with stories and lots of pics) that think you’re so sexy were standing outside the car and could see you now? Is that what you want baby, to be naked and let people watch as I make you ***?”

I didn’t understand how he knew all this. I was so in the moment, I didn’t care who saw us. I would have *** so bad if people were outside watching me, lying down in the back seat with my *** exposed as James rubbed and squeezed it.

He finally started teasing my *****, running a finger up and down and over my lips, feeling how wet I was. Even I could feel how wet I was and I hated the fact he wasn’t putting it to good use. I wished he would have just stuck his **** into my virgin ***** and shoot his hot load into me.

“Get on your knees baby and rest against the back seat.”

He positioned me on my knees with my *** now facing the windscreen. We were in the middle of the back seats so the two front seats weren’t covering us. Any car that went by would have got a good view of my ***. James sat next to me as I held onto the head rest of the back seat and he started toying with my *****. As he did, I just moaned and wished he would just finger me…I needed to ***!

“Baby, would you take your dress off and go outside and let me finger you? Or maybe bend over on the bonnet and flash every car your beautiful *** and *****?”

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of really flashing like this. I mean I wanted to be naked outside, but in the park late at night or somewhere where people weren’t around, but this was too much. I’d be so exposed. If I took my dress off, I’d only be left in my bra, and I knew James would take that off, letting my boobs spill out. What surprised me the most were the next words that came out of my mouth.

“Yeahhhh…mhmmmmm, lets go,” I urged, moving towards the door..

I couldn’t believe I had just said that. In my state of arousal, I would have done anything. I would have licked another girl’s ***** and *** right out there in public as James had his **** buried inside of me.

“Lets go, make me ***…please,” I begged, desperate for an ******. I was ready to take my dress off and stand outside naked and take his **** in my mouth and feel his *** against the back of my throat…oh how I needed him.

He wouldn’t oblige, and kept rubbing my **** from behind. All the dirty talk and his magical fingers had me soaking, I needed more. I’d finally had enough and turned around and kissed him passionately, digging my nails into his chest, pushing him back. I straddled him and fumbled with his shorts, taking them off and exposing his rock hard ****.

I took his in my hands and gripped it tight before bringing it to my *****. I lubed his **** up using my ***** juices. I rubbed his **** against the length of my *****, against my lips and finally bringing it to my aching ****. As soon as the head of his **** made contact my body jerked and I moaned. I started moving his **** up and down the length of my *****, coating it with my juices as I moaned. He pulled my dress down, exposing my **** and started sucking them. His expert tongue gently teased my right nipple as I continued to use his **** like a *****, pleasuring myself.

Needing more, I started ******* off his **** against my *****. My juices had coated his **** well and he loved feeling his **** being jerked off against my wet *****. I love the feel of his **** against my **** and I milked his hard **** for all he was worth. I jerked him off as I drew closer to an ******. I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on ******* him off when I came, but I wanted to get as close as possible. I closed my eyes and threw my head back and my motions became faster, ******* him off against my wet *****. I could feel my ****** building and just when I was on the verge, I stopped, unable to continue. He took over, grasping his **** and ******* it off faster and harder than I had.

“Mhmmmm…ohhhh yessss,” I moaned.

I just gripped his body tight against me and let him please me. I could hear him moaning trying to stop himself from *******. His **** was so wet with my juices, it must have felt amazing to jerk off with it so lubed up. Plus it didn’t help I was still soaking, getting more wet by the second.

Finally, unable to take it, I stopped him and kissed him passionately. He pulled me in close, my **** pressed up against his chest as he kissed me back. His hands explored my back, my waist and my ****. I succumbed to his passion. He pushed me off him and had me lie down on the backseat. I knew what was coming and I spread my legs for him. As he kissed me, he slowly inserted a finger into my aching *****. He pushed it knuckle deep before pulling out and doing it again. After teasing me a few times, he started sucking on my nipples as he fingered moan.

The windows were down and I heard movement outside but I didn’t care. I threw my head back and moaned as he continued to suck my nipple and finger me.

“Make me ***…please,” I moaned.

“I want you to wait baby. I want you to be horny this Saturday when we go shopping,” he replied.

“I will be, please…,” I begged.

Surprisingly he started fingering me harder. He slid two fingers into my soaking ***** and kissed me as he finger ****** me. As I was on the verge of having my ******, he stopped and pulled out. I moaned in frustration but I knew he wasn’t going to make me *** tonight, he just wanted to tease me.

Frustrated but still horny, I kissed him and grabbed his **** and started ******* him off. He closed his eyes, sat back in the seat and thrust his hips up, hoping I’d suck his ****. Wanting to tease him, I kissed his chest and licked his left nipple as I continued ******* him off. He felt so hard and I wanted to feel him shoot his load all over my hands. As I continued ******* him off, he started moaning and pulled me in close to kiss me.

“No…no…I want to wait babe…don’t make me ***,” he half heartedly pleaded. I knew he wanted to *** but I slowed down. As I did, he moaned and kissed me. Wanting to feel his ***, I started ******* him off faster, knowing he was close.

“No baby…please, let’s wait.”

Obediently I slowed down, finally releasing his still hard **** and kissing him full on the mouth. Realising it was late, I put my panties on.

“You’re so amazing James, I love you so much”, I said as I kissed him again. We both wanted more so within seconds, his hands were all over me again, pushing me against the backseat. He knelt on the seat beside me and spread my legs. Before I could stop him, he slid his middle finger inside me and started moving it up and down instead of in and out. His movements were hard and fast and all I could do was throw my head back and moan.


Sensing how much I wanted it, he slid two fingers in curled his fingers inside my ***** to get my g-spot. He then started moving his whole hand up and down. I just gripped onto him and let him finger me. It felt different to when he would slide his fingers in and out of my *****. I was screaming in pleasure while my legs started going weak. Within seconds of him doing this, I could feel how wet I was becoming. A few more seconds later, I could feel my ***** start to squirt and gush. Luckily I was wearing panties because my juices were squirting everywhere.

Not wanting to leave a massive wet patch in his car and get my dress all wet, I somehow managed to stop him, but not before my panties were totally soaked. As he took his hands out from under my panties, I felt him drip onto me. His palm was totally soaked. Even it was only a few seconds, I had squirted so much and I was exhausted. My legs were weak and my ***** ached for more, but I knew I couldn’t possibly take any more.

“I told you I know how to make you squirt baby”, he laughed triumphantly.
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Dec 10, 2012