There is nothing like cleaning while you have nothing chance to get tangled up with clothes....goes quicker and it is very easy to get everything done,,,,very relaxing too...
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Godd bending around too and knowing you are showing more than you normally would!
Naked and clean and sensuous. Nothing as good!

Last week I detailed the inside of my car naked. It always gets so hot while I vacuum, clean the leather, and windows. This way I didn't get clothes all nasty. Perfect.

Whenever its hot it always makes sense to be naked, regardless of what you are doing. Its lots more pleasant that way.

absolutely right! I do all my chores in the house naked, cooking can be a challenge... past that it is all good!

I totally agree with you!

I agree - doing chores while nude makes the task more fun and much more comfortable!

Yes very much so I Agree! !!!