Today I started off being nude from a day that I never had clothes on the day before... Walking around, I wasnt self-concious in the least....I love the way being nude makes me feel....its fantastic!! ;)
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What's the longest you've gone without wearing anything? For me, 5 days.

this will be day 3...had to put clothes on for a bit, but they got to be too restrictive ;)

Did you need to go outside or into public?



yes I know what you mean as I do not wear anything after shower I get big erection on my Thick Penis for a long time and that make me fell so good

I wish you were my wife. I have tried to be nude around the house when the kids aren't around or when we take our couples trips and she just gets mad and tells me any time outside of the bedroom I need to be dressed. Needless to say my attempts to get her to visit a nude beach or resort have fallen on deaf ears.

Bummer. My second wife is somewhat the same, but probably not as bad as yours. My first wife, however, was a totally different story ...

care to share?

Ask her if she would consider a clothing optional beach. She doesn't need to take anything off if she doesn't want to.

Good for you. It is the best way.