How I Got Obese.

I am 13 years old, 5 foot 6 inches, and 203 LBS. It all started about a year ago, when I became friends with a fat guy. I went swimming one day at his house, and saw his big fat belly. I asked him if he would help me get fat, and he said he would turn me into his big fat friend. Well I got to stay 6 months at his house while my parents went away. While I was there he would make me eat, eat, and eat only un-healthy items. Each item he would give me a bigger portion. After a month of staying there I went from getting a kids cheeseburger, to a double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon. I also went from 130 Lbs, to 147 LBS. I started eating entire pizzas, and started having to wear some of his old clothes. When 3 months went by, I was only wearing elastic gym shorts, and huge xl adult t shirts. I could tell I was getting huge, but not that huge. In the 5th month I could eat 2 large fries and two quarter pounders, easily at one meal. I was eating pizza everyday, and drinking liters of soda. I had to weigh in, and the scale read 190 Lbs. I thought I was big enough then, but he said I had to weigh at least 200 Lbs. So I ate, slept, and did nothing else.In the last month I was forced by him to get my head shaved, so I would look fatter. I was also forced to wear no sirt while I was at his house. One day in that month I woke up, and said man im so heavy, I looked in the mirror, and all I saw was a bulging belly, and big man boobs. I weighed that morning and the scale read 201 LBS. I knew I had finally done it. I went swimming with him afterwards, and i looked at him, and I looked just like him. Shaved head, and big and fat. We went to a buffet to celebrate, and I ate 2 entire pizzas, and 5 Cheeseburgers. I knew then I had done it. Know I am getting bigger and bigger, and give all the credit to my fat freind. Since then we have also helped his real brother, become fat as well, and know we are three fat friends.
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I soooo want a friend like that

Love your experience! Sounded like a lot of fun!

So cuuuute. I love that!

Your thing says u are 26-30. Not 13

Nice man we shud chat i do the same thing everyday im 16 and weigh 409lbs well that was last month b4 i broke my scale