*** Licked

ok so i was watching walkin dead and my ex was over at the time and i had no sexual intentions on my mind.... so i am on my tummy wearing sweats and he jumps on me from behind, pulls my sweats down a lil below my *** and smacks my *** then started licking and biting my *** it felt sooooo good omg hadnt had that done in long time, so then he pulls them down more and gets me on all fours and sticks his tongue in my hole and starts ******* it with his tongues in circles, in and out , im getting so damn wet at this point omg im moaning and just getting so wet, he is smacking my *** and my nipples are so hard, he continues till i have a ******* about 30 mins later, my *** is so wet and so was my vaj! he luvd the taste of my ***!
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I imagine he did xo

Nice story. I love ******* women's *** holes. Very nice.

Lucky guy, lucky girl ;)

I love teasing a woman's *** with my tongue, whether it's to relax and get her ready for sliding my **** in, combined with teasing her ***** with my tongue and fingers or just *** play alone

Lucky you - and even more lucky him! I am yet to enjoy this pleasure - but it won't be long...

I am planning on enjoying it with someone really special!!!

I bet you have a nice *** too, no wonder je wants to eat it!

i love to do this job for you....... i am expert on it though.. yami yami

i would love to do the same with u

ooo i love tounge ******* a nice *** and getting that ***** dripping wet at the same time mmmm

Who wouldnt?! I wanna eat that *** then fill that vagina with my sperms

so would I, I'm sure!