Darkness And Light

We run out in darkness, scrambling for our positions before the curtain rises. It's pitch black behind the curtain and everyone is breathing heavy. It's almost time. My long skirt brushes against my ankles and the tall neck suddenly feels restricting. I get in position and the curtain rises. The lights are suddenly hot on my neck and back after the cool darkness. The audience is in darkness, my eyes blinded by the lights above me. The music starts and the world drifts away. Our breathing is getting heavier, but we don't let it show, a smile across our faces. Mine is not fake. I know that they are all looking at us. I bask in that light and try with all my heart to be the best. The music ends and we hit our final pose. The audience claps as the curtain drops and the stage is once again plunged into darkness. We run on tiptoes off the stage so as not to be heard and I have to resist the urge to scream from the exhilaration I'm feeling. I want to go back out. I want to do it again. Soon, very soon. I watch the others with wonder, wishing I could be in their place and getting reprimanded for leaning too far forward. Across the way, mother's hold fans as their daughters make quick changes. Before I know it, it's time for the finale. I get to go out there again. We all run out on stage, assembling in what should be carefully organized lines. I'm far from the others that danced with me, in a different age group by far. I get in position and take deep a deep breath as the curtain lifts. I never want to lose this feeling.
BriStoten311 BriStoten311
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012