My Addiction For On Line Is Growing!

Well, is indeed growing at an alarming am spending more time on line than off line. I am connecting more  on line. I am having serious doubts about this very fact that on line is more real or off line.....I have noticed,some people prefer to call on line a virtual world,but I don't feel so,and I have my hundreds of reason for saying this. This virtual world gives me more peace of mind than I ever receive it from the real world. Why can't I call "on line" my real world then?

I used to be depressed most of the time before I started visiting this virtual world,this entire experience worked like a therapy for me. I came across so many wonderful people here whom I would have never met otherwise. I became emotionally stronger than before,I rediscovered myself .....I don't need to pretend what I am not as long as I am on line. I can just be MYSELF .

Now one more thought just clicked in my mind....may be people who are either unhappy or sad or depressed find on line a better option,may be on line is a place where I am taking a refuge. I don't bother as long as I am not depressed anymore.

Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
4 Responses Feb 8, 2010

ya i guess u really do

you must have alot to say

you must have alot to say

Yeah,it surly helps to deal with our problems off line...we feel good being on line,which reflects in our lives off line. We get a chance to be honest with our feelings and emotions as long as we are on line.