Love Being Big, Fat, And Lazy!

I spend my days stuffing myself for my FA husband who is a successful businessman. I love eating, gorging, and gaining. If it weren't for my loving husband, our financial prosperity, and our support staff, I never would have been able to break the 500 pound mark. I weighed in at 589 this week. I just love getting fatter. I barely move all day to conserve calories because I want to get as fat as possible as fast as possible. I spend most of my time feasting and sleeping. My husband loves to come home to see me fatter, he always makes sure I'm good and stuffed. Being a super sized big beautiful woman is the best life for me because I get to overeat all the time and I'm encouraged to do so. I love my life as an ssbbw!
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I had a SSBBW FWB that I've become good friends with. I love her personality, she is powerful and rich consultant and very confident outside the bedroom, but isn't confident about her size. So when I **** her, I ask her to shout "**** my fat ***" or "**** my fat *****" Cuz it turns me on but also because I want her to be more fat accepting. She usually starts with a whisper but as it makes my 8inch bbc rock hard, she starts to shout it as she gets pummeled harder and harder. I think it's a form of good psychological conditioning don't you?

You broke over the 500 pound mark...beautiful. I would so like to know you...hugs.

That is awesome! It must be amazing to behold your pendulous **** and huge, growing belly! :-)

Damn I love how u and your husband are :)

I need an SSBBW like you. :-)

Not sure if bad troll or truly serious .....

I am fascinated!

Who wouldn't love a life like that? I know I would!