My Wife Taken

When we lived in Virginia some years back there was an experience that my wife and I had that was exciting and scary. This ultimately forced us to move. I have done some name changing to keep us from being identified. It all started about the ninth year of my marriage to Carolyn. She is the most beautiful woman in the world to me and we had three wonderful children. Even after delivering three 7+ pound babies through her vagina she still had a beautiful vagina. She is a natural redhead and I remember when I first got a good look at that ginger box in the cool light of her refrigerator on a break during our 3 or more hour marathon **** sessions. It was amazing to see and she trims it just enough but there is no question that it is hairy. She is a doctor and works long hours so the accumulated tiredness had just about put our sex life out of commission. Sex was quick and infrequent. I have always wanted to share her with other men and was really fantasizing about it more and more. I found out that this was something many men had been fantasizing about too. She was not into that at all and when I told her when we were both a little drunk it did NOT go over well. I retreated into my fantasies and when we ****** I would imagine I was ******* her after she returned from her lovers place disheveled and tired but still horny. I would imagine ******* her wet ***** that was recently filled with her lovers active *****. She has always used an I.U.D. for birth control,it works but I sometimes got nervous about it falling out. After all when we decided on having kids she just reached in, grabbed the strings and pulled it out and presto her womb was open to be impregnated. With her job she spends a fair amount of time in the hospital and usually wears scrubs. There have been many men who have hit on her and I think she still doesn't get it but I really would love to know about all the men that hit on her. I think she thinks it will hurt me in some way. Knowing that on a day to day basis there are men in my wife's professional world that would love to feel her up and **** her is overwhelmingly exciting.

There was one guy she did mention. He was a male nurse who she thought was one of the best nurses she had ever worked with. I will call him C. He definitely had a thing for Carolyn and early on did not hide it . He is married and over the years my wife told me he had "gotten over it" and we actually hung out a fair bit as friends. C is a big, muscular guy and over the years I gained some weight so he helped me out with a workout routine. We actually went to the gym in the mornings and it was here in the locker room that I first say how large his **** was. It was at least 6 or so inches soft and almost as thick as my wrist. He was muscular and hairy but not too hairy. He didn't have back hair. He did have a pair of powerful legs that came off two very well sculpted, strong buttocks. I felt very inadequate with my at the most 5 1/2 inch when hard **** and pudgy body.

I'd say we had been in Virginia for about 7 years and developed some very good friendships but we seemed to be best friends with C and his wife Anne. Anne was attractive but overweight. I thought that this was sexy on her but you could see that the ribbing C would give to Anne about her weight was cruel sometimes and it made me uncomfortable. I know that they were in a rocky time and Anne had asked me if there was another women in C's life. He never mentioned anyone to me and we were close. I told her that but was saddened that their relationship might not make it. They kept hanging on though through the years.

My wife's job can be stressful and she can be bitchy sometimes. One night she bitched at C for something and it got a little ugly. friends yes but professionally there was a chain of command. Well my wife was working all night and went to a room at the other end of the hospital to try to get some sleep. She took of her lab coat and her clogs and laid down to catch a few winks. She isn't sure how long she was out but she awoke to find C. at the doorway, she didn't lock the door but she did shut it. He was there to talk to her about the incident and my wife thought he was going to apologize for his actions and I think C. was expecting and apology from Carolyn. Well this turned a little heated and Carolyn finally told C. to leave so she could get some sleep. He did but some time around 3 am when one of the shifts lets out he came back. He quietly opened the door and let himself in to my wife's room. He shut the door quietly and locked the dead bolt. There isn't really anyone during the night at this part of the hospital. The next thing Carolyn remembered C. was standing in a menacing way above her. She was scared because he had a crazy look in his eyes. She started to say something and he move toward her and put his hand on her mouth.
"Carolyn I just want to talk, I don't want to hear a ******* word from you." She nodded obviously afraid. He is a very large,muscular man after all."We are friends and you can't disrespect me like that in front of everyone,understand,"she nodded yes.
This did seem to calm him down but my wife could feel his grip increasing and she was very afraid. While he was talking he was essentially laying on top of her and before Carolyn knew it he had his mouth on hers and was kissing her deeply. She struggled and managed to scratch him which made him angry. He slapped her which made her yell out in pain. then he started kissing her again. She turned her face away and he roughly pulled it back. He was felling her breasts under her scrub top and twisting her nipples painfully. He the started untying the knot to her scrub pants and she was pleading"no C. please don't do this to me!Please!"
She had tears running down her face as C. continued to work and her pants. He finally got them and her cotton panties of and stared at my wife's thick red bush.He ******** and revealed an 8-9 inch very thick ****. The head was purple and taut making the skin shine. Carolyn was pleading and crying louder but there wasn't anyone there to hear her as C spit on her ***** and then his **** to rub it in. He then pushed Carolyn's legs apart and mounted my wife. He penetrated her roughly which caused her to scream out in pain. He had is hand over mouth though as she screamed and whimpered as he violated her. He pumped faster and then released a large,thick load of ***** into my wife's vagina. He and Anne must not have been very active lately. He got up and left her there and got dressed. She was laying there with on leg off the twin bed and the other resting on the wall with his ***** dripping out of her ***** and pooling under her ***.This was something she didn't tell anyone and when C figured she was not talking this became a routine occurrence. He would violently rape her and be somewhat loving after. Soon she stopped resisting. Finally she broke down and told me. She was embarrassed that she had become a willing participant. When C found out I knew he was worse. We still worked out because Carolyn said she thought he was capable o really hurting me or worse so I should just go along like everything was normal. Well when he knew I knew we were on our way back from a workout and he pulled into our driveway.Only this time he shut off the car and followed me in. He got some OJ and then went upstairs to our bedroom where Carolyn was sleeping. I heard him get on the bed as it creaked and roughly take my wife in our marital bed. This became the preferred place for him to **** my wife. He would come over when ever it suited him and take my wife. He would come in and hove her suck and swallow him in the living room while he watched the TV. He would take her anally which is something she normally didn't do but she had no choice. I was feeling helpless and ultimately after months we packed our valuables and left in the night never to return. This was a difficult thing to arrange since he was in our bed ******* my wife on most nights. We still live in fear,and it has only been recently that we have started to have sex again. I feel that as sick as it was she misses C and longs for his **** in some way as she stares at the ceiling while I make love to her.
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You know what a baseball bat looks like, well 3or 4 whacks with one while he is face down
on your bed should get his attention 6,7,or8 if need be but make sure you **** him up,made sure he knows who's wife she is,and at that point if your wife proffers his big **** to yours.Then you know you were man enough to take care of the problem And he does too.

I would have killed him

i had a boyfriend like C once, really polite and caring untill we had sex and then wham a changed man, i could be on the phone to a friend and he could come in grab the phone tell my friend i have to go and then tell me to str*p, if i didn't he would slap me and str*p me then have sex with me any way he wanted. . . oh and he expected a blow job every morning. . . . if i upset him in any way my as* or puss*y or even both would get a good stretching with a bottle. . . .he was a bastard but i put up with it for nearly two years.

Poor guy, why did you left the town, if she loved sucking his big cockhead, were you scared he would beat you once in front of her, then sucking his swollen ****?

Interestingly real