Nothing Better!

There is absolutely nothing better than being playful for me. I love it, it makes me happy! What fun there can be if we only look around and play! I have a friend on here, and we play so many games that remind us of when we were about 10 in the playground - and have a lot of laughs. She reminds me of being that age with my friends at boarding school.

We're a bit bonkers and just have fun with everything, which is brilliant because it's such an antidote to the stresses of everyday life! I feel like a child running around this huge playground.. It's the most fun I can remember having since childhood! How I love E.P.! Thank you everybody!
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1 Response Dec 15, 2010

playing can be fun but you can turn chores into games and children enjoy trouble is when they get to teenagers playing stops as they have to watch out for street cred! its not till they get children of there own they re-learn how to play.Lifes to short to be serious all the time