Playfull And Bashfull....why??

I love being playfull!!! I like to be playfull in the bedroom, i tease and play dumb untill my hubby has to ravish me, and on here too, i like to be very naughty and playfull with people i mail and chat to from EP.
But in general and to be honest the reason i am a playfull person is to hide the fear i have about everything. I use it as a shield to get out of or avoid totally awkward and difficult situations,
Ill bet alot of u do the same.
yummymummy06 yummymummy06
3 Responses Feb 2, 2011

Sometimes it's the other way too - very open and honest on here (because you are amongst 'friends') and yet closed on the outside for fear of judgement.

I totally agree. It is somewhere you can be open and honest. Outside you don't want to be seen as different or claim any of the stereotypical names.

My wife was REALLY bashful when we first met and still is to a certain degree even after she was converted into a very HOT WIFE!

Ur right