Kid At Heart

Growing up I was a Tomboy and most of my friends were guys.
It was the norm to see me outside playing basketball, soccer, tackle british bull dog, hockey, hide and seek,
riding my bike or my skateboard, or wrestling with my friends or climbing trees.

I wasn't afraid to get dirty or to be rough.
In fact I could hold my own pretty good. 
I was never a very big person but I was fast and smart about my movements.

Even now I have no issue with tobogganning with my girls, wrestling them, playing basketball,
running around in a sun shower with them.
I love the outdoors and will often take the girls to spend the day out at a park, conservation area or beach.

So yes I am a playful person even at my age and will have no issue starting a pillow fight,
or trying to take you down.  For the most part it really doesn't get me anywhere as I am not as strong as I used to be.
But its fun.  Life is just way to damn rough sometimes to be walking around all prim and proper and worrying about breaking a nail. 

You have to have some fun to get through those rough times.
The simple things in life, like laughing and enjoying yourself can really pick up your spirits.
I can be a rather serious person and know the time and place.
But at home and with my girls I am a huge kid at heart.

snowberry75 snowberry75
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 25, 2011

My point exactly!! I am enjoying your comments, thanks for reading my stories. :)

LOL yea this is me for sure....What can I say? I am not your typical girl whatsoever. I do try to be an all around decent person and I appreciate you saying so but I am deffinately no saint either. LOL I have my struggles thats for sure. Hmmm a pillow fight I might actually win very tempting. LOL hugs <br />
Have to admit that was a suprise to hear from you. Seems like I have more to learn about you as well.

Since I know you some, this story is just you. You are one of the better people of the world, and I would love to have a pillow fight with you.