I Thought She Wanted To....

To share all the pleasures of life together. Walk along the river, holding hands. Looking into each others eyes. Your lips beckon mine, so soft and sensuous. I can’t resist, as my hand in your hair, to the back of your neck, pulling you up to my lips. But… Just as you close your eyes, I place my finger tip on your waiting lips and whisper in your ear…. “I know you want me… but you have to catch me first.” As I run off, both of us laughing hysterically.

Playful is to pleasure as foreplay is to sex. To laugh, to enjoy, to feel that pang when we are apart, to feel, that feeling of heart pounding excitement when we return to each others waiting arms. It is said that foreplay begins in the mind. It is an art, and I am the artist that will paint your mind with irresistible desire.

All the pleasures of life await you. We can explore, experience, embrace, and stimulate each others every desire. Not in one way, but everyway. Not just one day, but everyday.

I write this just for you. Take my hand and let’s embark on this incredible journey together. You know…. Our hands fit just right.

Update: Well I totally misread the person I wrote this for, my apologies for your trouble.

ThatFeeling ThatFeeling
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7 Responses Sep 4, 2011

Wow, i got lost in that pictureing myself in that day of running and playing, so I say thank you.

Yikes....... I need to change the title to this story....<br />
<br />
To; I thought she wanted to.....<br />
<br />
I am further out of practive in this whole romance thing than I thought

Wow, Thatfeeling! This was very well written! I hope that you ( & all of us here at ILISM) experience what you wrote!

Thanks for all your comments. I have to say I am very surprised. But that's what keeps life interesting.

I just teared up on this one. wow! beautful. whoever she is shes blessed.

This is beautiful, now if only men thought this way :-)<br />
<br />
Thank you for bringing a smile to my face

I assume you meant "all men", Thanks for the comment.

This is what I need.I need some one I can love , trust . My bf just broke up with me on the phone. I want to suicide , I cant take anymore pain. I don't think I can find another person . Ur story make me jealous.

don't suffer, my dear.
life is too short but it is too rich as well and full of surprises.

What can I do know. I'm up for a big chance do crazy things, keep my self busy so I can forget this. Rite now I have nothing.Please help me, I need help