Goofy And It Can't Be Helped

Everything is worth a joke to me. There are only a few things I take serious enough to not make jokes about ... all the time any way.
Gets on my Dad's nerve's sometimes cause I'll be cracking jokes, teasin and giggling about something at work when he's tryin to be all biznas.
Just last night at church during Baptism my friend and I started laughing so hard we barely held it together.
Her son was getting baptized and she leaned over and whispered how big he was (linebacker big, not really fat, just husky) and I started making jokes about how awful it would be if someone almost drown in the tank because Pastor couldn't get 'em back up.
She lost it.
Then after I took a second to imagine what I had just said, I lost it.
It was on then, tears started streaming, face's getting hot and red, choking back our laughs trying not to be to disruptive because it was the wrong time to explain what was so funny.
I know, doesn't sound that funny... but it was.
I mean what's worse then laughing about something and not being able to just let it out? That only makes it worse. Trying to hold it back then people around you want to know what's so funny... turns into a BIG fiasco... people clamoring to be entertained.... just not proper for such a ... free spirit. LOL
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2 Responses Nov 17, 2011

yeah I love it If i can find humor in anything i do And the puns as well me and my dad the rest of the family hates it when we get together. LOL

It is to us!
I can be serious when i want but usually i would rather not. ; )

Lifes to short so you have to enjoy or you'll be like cemetarys. Dying to get into them!