Being Myself

I'm glad I have chosen to be myself,without consulting with those around me.There was a time that I had to constrain myself,for sake of my families reputation.I've always been a fun guy to be around.I was always hyper and did things on impulse,thanks to my ADHD.I never did stupid or imature things.I never was "much differant" than my peers.I have many friends that allow me to be myself.Without making me feel like,if I don't behave I'll have to go stand in a corner.I don't know,I guess I embarress my family (parents,wife & grown kids.) Why,because they think i'm too old to have fun and be playful? I make no apologies for who I am to no one. I owe myself to be playful. I give love (not sexually) and expect to receive love. To all my friends on EP, thanks for allowing me to be myself in being playful with you. I love you all, some even more.  Peace

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1 Response Mar 6, 2012

An superb post dearest.<br />
& born from the same place as our recent conversation I'll wager :)

Ummm. Wait. Don't tell me. I know the answer! ;)