Laugh Sometimes..

There are more face muscles used to frown than to smile.
Eh! who wants those extra lines and wrinkles cos' of frowning?

It's good to let your hair down sometimes and just have a bit of fun.

I like to tease my hub and friends sometimes (in a nice way of course) just to have a giggle and get them to smile.
Who says April fool jokes have to end on the 1st April?

Life is serious enough most of the time.

Stop and smell the roses sometimes, go kick a ball in a park, play a game of hop scotch.....gosh!.. the list of silly and fun things to do could go on forever.

Smile, let the mischievous kid out sometimes.
What have we got to lose?
Umm!.... maybe a few wrinkles? ;)

Kadie101 Kadie101
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Aww. I can't message you :(

Seriousness is a disease,life is a play of the opposite and laughter is my message too.,and ecstasy is my language.

I agree...there is nothing like letting it all out...and just having some fun...there are so many ways to each their own...
and by being playful you help lighten the mood for everyone around...I try to do that and hope I make people around my feel that way :)

I like your attitude....when things ping us off!! and get us down sometimes, it's good to try and let go of the negative and focus more on the good we have in our lives. There is always some poor soul in the world a lot worse off.
Thank you for your comment. :)

I believe that it takes 22 muscles to frown and only 18 muscles to smile, or at least that is what I was told! I am a mischievous kid,in fact, the K in kbgloves stands for Kid! I love to laugh, because if I don't, I will probably cry. Just a word of warning. One day about a year or so ago, I decided that I would stop and smell the flowers, and 2 things happened. I found out that, at least the flowers that I smelled, did not have much of a scent, and, that night my allergies kicked in and for the next 3 months, I fought a bout with Bronchial Asthma - inhalers and all!

Aww...I'm sorry to hear about your allergy...but I feel you still have a pretty positive attitude.
All the best things in life to you....without the allergies of course :)

Fantastic attitude and recipe for a happier life!

I wish you well to :d

Well said.. after all a Smile costs nothing true :)

Nothing to lose and a lot to gain.I pictured everything you mentioned here and it feels good.I wish I were outside in a park kicking a ball,smelling flowers,feeling a slight breeze and enjoy everything going on around me.<br />
Thank you for making my day feel like a weekend day.Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome :)