What Is Playful Anyway???

Well playful can mean a lot...Everybody has a playful side...as a gf...as a wife..as a mother and as a child.. I've never been too close to my mama coz shes strict and she don't like playful noisy kids...whenever i tried to have a joke with her when i was young she got mad and shoo me away...when I grew up...I had a bf in college at 18 and hmmppp..guess what he's strict too!! I joked around with my friends like a kid and most of the time he gets angry at me for being childishly playing with them...I know i'm childish coz at that age..I don't really care about bfs or getting intimate or whatever..I enjoy company..that's it..When I'm 24 i had a new bf (well after two years me and my college bf broke up..surprise!! lol) and we lived together and had a daughter..he's younger than me and i thought coz he's younger hell get to like my childishness :) sometimes when he's just lying around i tickle him..just cuddle and tease him..but grrr...most of the time he snapped at me..it's like he have his own word..and play pc games than have time with me and his kid!!!grr... to make the story short...now i'm single and my daughter is already 6 yrs old...Whenever she and I are in a relaxed mode we usually pillow fight..tickle fight and biting fight (just a play :) nothing serious )..Mama look at us wishfully...she told me before that how is it that me and my daughter can play like friends and have a good laugh all day..and just run around playfully... I know she's jealous because we didn't get the chance to be like that..but me...I'll be forever playful with my kid..maybe I don't have a husband or a bf to be playful with intimately but I'm happy with her...and until I know for sure that if ever I have a new bf again at my age that he'll love my daughter the way I love her then that's the time i'll decide settling down with someone...seriously :)
mgey mgey
26-30, F
Sep 1, 2012