Well that's how I read playful anyway, I love to tease my husband - he loves to see me being naughty with our friends!

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You are a wonderful wife.

My love was being playful (circling my abs with her hand) when I was on the phone with my brother, I moved her hand away as I did not want my brother to suspect anything suspicious. It was later on when she complained that I realized that I had hurt her feelings. Guess I moved her hand away a bit aggressively. I do like being playful, but at that point I did not realize that I was rude.

i love to tease tickle and all this and it beeing made with me, too ^^ very much :-) <br />
no good sex without that ^^

Don't forget to take the teasing to the bedroom after your friends have left the house ;)

If one is playful, one should expect to be played with...<br />
Could u define being 'naughty'?...*smile* <br />
Great legs...

Hope you want lots of friends, because I'd love to be a friend too.

This thread is like a mystery book with the last chapter cut out, did she or didn't she, the whole project wants to know.

Where does it lead to? Dude, Judi can't even tell US any things she does that is half naughty. I don't think it leads anywhere.

Judi, plese do tell us more and show us more. I have a feeling we could never get enough of you. Bored? OMG, what a waste of your mind and body.

You must have one happy husband... i'm sure your just as happy too.

my definition too.

Seems you've really gotten some interest up with this topic...Really, I'd love to hear about being a little 'naughty'!

I would love to be one of your friends...how bout an add?

any chance you could send me some of your naughty playtime adventure, would really luv to hear them. if you send i'll reture with some of my own. feel free to send to my email. jstone1291@yahoo.com<br />

Judi.. after viewing your pics I can see your just the type of woman I go crazy over. Flirtin and teasin! Now ya just gotta fill us in! Bill in Va.

sounds like good fun Judi, mmmm xx

so judi how far or whats the closest to getting them or you in bed.... does hubby enjoy seeing you naked with others?

Would you go all the way with his friends?

Let's be friends! lol

Well we've never all ended up in bed together!

I take it that for you "being naughty" with friends is limited to just flirting?

Oh my Slopoke, all in bed together!

I also want to be your friend. I love it when my wife flirts with our friends and when we all end up in bed it is the best time ever I like to see her seduced.

i wanna be your friend

Well he certainly has his moments when, for him, there's no boundaries!

So tell me how you tease your friends. The way it sounds your husband likes to watch you get them going