Everyone is so nice to me, and I feel like i am glowing with warmth and womanhood. Wish I could feel like this forever.
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2 Responses Aug 26, 2014

Likewise! I love the special treatment and care given to preggers. Well, minus the morning sickness, backaches, sores, acid reflux and all. ;) i wish you a delightful pregnancy

I must say that I have never felt as good, as beautiful, as happy or as healthy as when I was pregnant. It was like I was permanently on cloud nine for nine months! There is certainly something to be said about that whole pregnancy glow! Enjoy the journey.

That's the right attitude. Thesedays especially, it is irrelevant if you are married or not. it doesn't affect whether you become a good mother. I wasn't married when I was pregnant either. Was in a relationship though but that disintegrated when my girl was 13 months old. I've been a solo mum ever since but I wouldn't change a thing! its a wonderful process. Both pregnancy and motherhood. Just embrace it for what it is and enjoy one of life's greatest gifts. It's a special time in your life. I truly wish you all the best. Enjoy every little minute of it! x

Awww, cyber hugs... I'm excited for you! It sounds like you have an excellent support network around you in your parents. That will make a huge amount of difference to you. Treasure that. You are very lucky they are encouraging and supportive of you. It's an exciting time for all of you. Just relax and enjoy!

Congrats hun :-)