Retirement Can Be Great

Why do i like retirement? Not just because it means staying in bed a bit longer but it means the freedom you have of no longer working for someone else unless of course one works for themselves.

Retirement for me means I can play my piano for example with out the restrictions of doing it round working hours.

Annual holdays? Forget it.You can go off whenever the mood suits you and I do this a few times and go to the south coast of England for however long we feel.I say "we" because I go with my wife even though we do not live together but we see each other constantly.

Maybe some peole dont agree with the joy of being retired but I am sure glad I am not in the credit crunch society of today.I guess my retirement is comfortable because I am relatively financially independent.

Most days i am at the piano which is a saviour for me.without it I may be totally lost as that is the real talent I possess which coupled with good looks (so say many women!)

I do like photography but am not a pro.

But retirement is not as daunting as one might imagine.There are so many things one can do which working could not allow.

But my first joy is the piano and I often play late into the night and so far have had no complaints for neighbours.Per haps they are audio challenged which is good for me.

What do I play? To some it may be rubbish but as the great Louis Armstrong said"If it sounds right then it is right".At least my wifes grandchildren like what I do and they are now enjoying the delights of boogie woogie which I am showing them.Does this sound boastful? Well there is no appraisal like self appraisal is there.

What else do i do in retirement? Maybe thats for another time .

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3 Responses Jan 21, 2009

Thanks for writing. Makes me feel good about my retirement.

Just retired yesterday at 55 , having payed in to a pension for 35 years allowed me to leave while I am still in good shape to enjoy my retirement.<br />
I have no problem with not having to get up at 4:30 am and commute to work and saving 150 bucks worth of fuel and another 40 bucks a month on coffee.<br />
<br />
No more bosses , no more traffic jams , no more abuse from the public.<br />
I do what I want , , when I want now.<br />
No more living by the clock although I will keep myself in a regiment of getting up at 8 or 9 am , no more 4:30 am jazz.<br />
<br />
If I stay up the odd night late , no big deal if I sleep till 10 or 11<br />
<br />
If I get bored I'll get a part time job and quit that job when it suits me and look for something else.<br />
You see it is all my way now and no more taking marching orders from someone else.

hiya,Pleased that you also enjoy retirement.There are lots of things you can do and whenever you want to do them without being tied to someone else's terms.Enjoy ev

Your story brought smiles to my face: I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself these days!!

Glad that my story made you smile.Still enjoying retirement.

I'm 60, retired since Summer and play the saxophone, usually in pub folk music sessions which is lots of fun (although perhaps not for the locals LoL).<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, pub folk music sessions take place mainly in the evenings. It would be really nice to go somewhere during the day and play some tunes.<br />
<br />
One little gripe is that I live in a rural area (Somerset, UK) and it costs so much to get to anywhere to do anything. It is very tempting therefore not to go anywhere and save money (I'm not poor but I'm not loaded either).