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It has been 1 year since I retired.It was not because I wanted to but because I had 2 supervisers that wanted me out .Because of this, things became very strained in my house.I was on disability and social security.The depression that hit me was harsh.I had worked for this company for 20 years and always did the best I could.After I left a part time person was hired for my job even tho I requested part time and was denied it.After 1 year I am finally starting to enjoy my time off.Money is a big issue in our lives because of health care but I am so happy to be where I am. 

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5 Responses Oct 14, 2009

You may want to send your ex Supervisors a Card, telling them how happy you are, enjoying your retirement, and not being around them. Tell them, also, it's not to late to sue them for Age Discrimination, and Intimidation. Give them a case of Ulcers, and Anxiety.

Poor economies cause harsh environments for lessor of the social group of employees. Bosses always select the most threatening to their job, to fire. But, the better the employee you are to the company, the more the boss suffers after you are gone. What goes around, comes around. Time shall tell. Check in with your co-workers, at times.<br />
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In the meantime, enjoy life. Look at every negative, as a opportunity. Run with your new place in time. Take energy from the down hill, to rise again when going back up the ladder.

I call myself retired, but actually I haven't worked since 1990 when I went out on disability due to major depression and PTSD. At first I hated it, but now that I'm actually retirement age, I'm enjoying all this time to myself. Yes, it's rough getting by on SSDI, especially with rising medical costs (sho about the cost of medication!!) but somehow we always squeak by. I love being able to have a cup of coffee and sit on the porch watching the rain. I love watching the children in my neighborhood grow up and move on with their lives. I love watching my cherished son and his family most of all! God has been very good to me in this ife, and even when things get rough, I'm always conscious that at least I have food and shelter.<br />
God bless you.

My working career ended on the year 2000, with a Head and Neck Injury, breaking and damaging my spine, some nerves, and blood vessel damage. After 15 years and lots of Therapy, I am better and able to do much more. I look forward to every day now, that the pain has been reduced, a lot, from surgeries and therapies, and Back Brace. I have even found some of my childhood hobby's of riding a Motor Cycle, and Jeep Trail Riding, Snowbird get a ways, to warm places in the winter, camping in the Desert and on a Southern Beach, most winters and when I can find time to go on other adventures. I stay busy.... I enjoy the "Spur of the Moment" things, such as a Weekend Trail Ride, in the Jeep, or on the Motor Cycle adventure, somewhere interesting. I would enjoy having others, my own age, to share these adventures, and discussions. I enjoy the outdoors, on the Beach, on Campouts, Outdoor Cookouts, Surf Fishing, And... Jeep Trail Rides and Campouts, on some of the Nations famous 4 X 4 Adventures.

I do sympathise with your work situation as people in the workplace can be very unkind.I have experienced similar situations before taking retirement in my 50's. my life is so much better in retirement and am much better in my mental state and handle situations more successfully. i am sure you are a much happier person now. i have no desire to turn the proverbial clock back to start over. May God give you many blessings.

I hope things are getting better every day for you. It's a brand new year. Please God, you'll have new friends and new experiences that add fulfillment to your life. As JCOM wrote, simple pleasures make the difference. Smile at someone, admire something in nature, listen to the sounds around you, find some music you really enjoy, walk down a different street, or comb your hair a different way. Keep it interesting. Treat yourself to a food you really enjoy. Talk to the Lord. He's always listening. And He created you and loves you, and delights in your love.