Uh Oh

When I was a boy I used to ********** every day after getting in from school. One day I forgot to close my bedroom blinds and the woman next door saw me ************ as she was collecting the laundry. I got the biggest fright of my life but was so horny that I just continued! I think she was embarrassed too as she never looked back at me directly. After cuming, I felt totally ashamed! Later that week though, I saw her out doing the laundry again and stated wanking at the window. This time I know she definately saw me, it turned me on soo much! This then became a regular occurance and she began to dress more and more provocatively. This continued until one day my parents were talking to her when I came home from school, and knowing nothing what was going on, they introduced me to our 'new neighbours'. I was mortified and our little 'game' came to an end.
superhandz1 superhandz1
22-25, M
Dec 10, 2012