I Loved Pleasing Him

A few men in my life have wanted to share me.  I acquiesed to each of the them.  Most experiences were great fun, full of naughty thrills, but one man simply charmed me into the experience then kept me charmed while I was being shared. 

He expressed his longing to truly SHARE the experience with ME. He told me that I was so pretty and so amazingly hot and sexy while I was receiving him, the thought of watching me from a **** viewer's perspective made him hard.  He said he wanted to be a full participant, loving the fact that his woman was willing to be a **** for him. And whether he was watching or participating, he wanted the two of us to share, through lots of eye contact and touching; he wanted to remind me that being shared was only about enhancing the pleasure the two of us would share as a couple, later when we are alone.  Then he said he wanted to hold, kiss, talk, and touch me while the other man ****** me.  He wanted to see and feel my reactions to another man's ****.  I was charmed. 

He never wanted me to wear panties when we were out and about in the world.  Many times he managed for another man or men to see that I was naked under my clothes. Sometimes we would take only that little bit of naughty behavior home with us as an aphrodisiac.

While we were relaxing, alone at home, I was always naked in heels for him.  After becoming fairly frequent playmates with another couple, he asked me, one night, to greet them at the door wearing only my shoes.  I did.  Later that night, he used his hand to make me squirt in the kitchen while our friends watched.  The intensity of play among the 4 of us skyrocketed that night.  The sexual high that he and I rode for the next 3 weeks was incredible.   

We had three 3somes with men, we played with several couples, and we had 2 3somes with women.  Each time, as we played, I always felt a connection to him.  He made me feel that it was truly about us.  I can still see him smiling at me from across a room, pumping into another woman while I enjoyed another man's attentions.  Once at a meet and greet for swingers, I heard him call my name out, risng above the den of about 35 couples.  When I replied, he said he just wanted to hear my voice.  Everyone in the room laughed.

He knew exactly what he wanted from sharing me.  He charmed and wooed and groomed me into wanting the same thing, and I was greatly rewarded for allowing him to satisfy his desires when they became my desires as well, which is why I did it over and over again - I loved every minute of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story!  I loved telling it.

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Wow, what an incredible story, you both are really into each other, that is so amazing. You both extremely trust one another, and went forward with it, you both are extremely lucky to have one another. it would be so nice to hear from you again.

Thank you for sharing :)

So very lovely !

Wow, what an incredible perspective. Or more appropriately, what incredible sharing of a perspective so many of us feel but aren't able to bring to the page in words. Thank you for sharing!

captured my feelings precisely!

Very arousing story, thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Hmmmmm what a hot hot story...........lucky you and him!!

Hey Ray! Thanks for your comment! Believe me, I've had some less than stellar swinging experiences too. I suppose, out of a sense of fairness, I should relate some of those!<br />
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LOL! Williem - the stories I relate make ME wanna keep my face off the internet!

Sweet, the storys you relate just make me wanna see what ya look like! No pic? G-rated is fine. My imagination will do the rest! Bill

CT - <br />
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You know that makes me happy!

I loved reading it! It certainly excited me.